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Kara has lived in a safe house for 11 years to try & stay alive. A cure is here let her LIVE LIFE! Help now PLEASE she is dying!!

Kara Peterson is 42 years old & suffering even worse from her severe & deadly latex allergy. The only reason she is alive is due to her service dog Spirit & her “safe” room sealed from the outside. They have been given notice & can’t find a safe place to live, & even fireplace smoke is deadly as she is allergic to Oak, Cedar, Pine and so much more. On top of that she has had several unrelated to the latex life threatening hospitalizations & suffers from other illness they have not pinpointed yet.

In the last seven months she has been hospitalized with life threatening conditions three times in the ICU for about a week each time. Bills have piled up to the ceiling. To make it even worse on October 31st they need to be out of their home & find a new safe place to live, so far they have had no luck. She has had surgery, went into & survived Septic Shock! Another incident was a PICC line caused a blood clot in the left Jugular vein, to the Subclavian vein, & three more veins in her left arm. The blood return flow from her arm is slow as the major veins are gone, so she needs to watch for symptoms continuously due the lack of blood flow return she does not lose her left arm. The clot travels this complete length of the veins, they are completely occluded & are full of scars and so destroyed they are gone & even though on blood thinners most will not return. She is still in danger of a life threatening condition of a clot getting loose and detaches then travels to the lungs and causes an air embolism at anytime. This is very dangerous & very life threatening as you can’t breathe.

"I am a fighter & will not give up!! My son Kameron Reif is currently a US Marine in Afghanistan & I will not be relaxed until he is back on US soil. I have lived in a "safe" room for 11 years, I want my life back!! I want to see my son in North Carolina and see him get off the plane when he returns home late November!! I want him to have someone to run to and hug and not be alone! For all he did for our country this is the least I could do for him. I was a single mom for 12 years & put myself through school & became an RN, my son & I are extremely close, and my illness scares him & I have not been able to tell him all my medical battles as he needs a clear head out there in the dessert on the battle field.
I am writing an update, as I had said they found a cure for my allergy. Today we have found the worst news yet! The Doctor who said he had a “complete cure” for me was incorrect! It is another emotional blow on this downhill rollercoaster.

However I have hope. At Scripps Institute they can do a full work-up, like “Dr. House” & help me find out what is wrong. My doctor believes I can get a good portion of my life back. I just want to live not in such fear, and emotional & physical pain. We left the Dr. appointment in tears, hearing we were wrongly told about a “cure” for my latex allergy. My husband was in tears and verbally upset, insisting the Dr. must be wrong, we were given a miracle dream, and just like that they took it away.
My doctor today apologized for this other Dr. misleading us & giving us such hope, however she said once they find out all my other ailments I would be doing a lot better. I just spent 4 months in a wheelchair at 42 years old, it is emotionally so hard to not have control over my body. With the probable auto immune disease, just had a cancer scare & there may be another, as well as the Crones disease or Ulcerative Colitis, it would be great to get the right treatment that we can’t afford! I really want to GET MY LIFE BACK! However it will be one step at a time & they will FINALLY FIND WHAT IS WRONG & TREAT ME, AS NOW I CURRENTLY AM NOT GETTING ANY TREATMENT AS THEY ARE TOO CONFUSED OVER MY LABS & WHAT I HAVE.

After eleven years I want to start to live again!! I just get worse & worse as time goes by & going outside is such a danger, MY PROBLEMS MOST LIKELY ARE INHANCED BY MY OTHER ILLNESSES & I CAN GET BETTER IF I COULD PAY FOR IT! PLEASE HELP ME!!

Due to hospital stays I have not been able to respond to earlier donations, so I want to thank you all now. Our bills are so high we can’t pay rent; we can barely afford a converted garage to a studio, so we are trying to find a place to stay until we find housing. I asked my son what he misses the most from home. He said a shower & a bed!! Due to our move I may not have a bed for him! My biggest dream was to see him off the plane or bus in NC on US soil, I will not be able to afford that. So along with so many others I have to let it go.

I am hoping for some relief of hospital bills, still traveling to see a DR possibly at Scripps in San Diego.
The specialist at UCLA was wonderful and so understanding on the phone however he did not work out as he has latex gloves in his office so it could kill me just to see him.

I married the best man- Walter Peterson with very high morals and such a kind heart! He taught me to be a better person. He is the best husband very loving & doting & cares for me when I am ill, that is all the time. Walter loves Kameron and is the best father ever, Kameron is just like his own son and helped raised him from age 6 and on. So getting a life back will change all of our lives!! My son was 12 when I got ill and it was horribly difficult for him. Often he had to take care of me terrified I would die. He moved out at eighteen years old because he told me he was so frightened waiting for when and watching me die in front of him. I want him to have better memories of me!! So Walter and I would have a somewhat normal life and Kameron would have his mom back!!!

Not being able to see my son arrive home for all he has done for us is killing me! He has not had a mattress to sleep on and his complete tour has only had about 11 60 second showers, as when not on foot they have no running water, not even on base is there running water. He is in a very deep & dangerous location & I just want to see him home!! Please if you can help donate so I can try & save my life and get well and LIVE AGAIN!! I have been living in a “safe” room for 11 years & it is time I GET OUT!!! Having my son come home doing better than I was before would BE THE BEST START!!

So I am desperate need of help, fast! I have been getting more & more ill all the time. I want to try & see this medical team & live life! I want this for me & my family who is worried sick about me but do not have the finances to help me.
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