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" Cancer has forever changed me and my family." -Julie Farmer

My name is Emmy Mathis.  I first met Julie Farmer in the summer of 2001.  We quickly became friends and it wasn’t long before she grew to become my best friend.  Throughout our friendship, I have seen her children, DJ and Brooke, grow into the amazing, charismatic people they are today. I saw her relationship with her husband, Todd, blossom and admired their devotion for each other. She was always there for me, no matter time of day or night, even after I moved away. Despite the miles apart, I always tried to call her when I had the chance. 

On Sept 29, 2011, Julie called me on the phone and told me she had gone to the Emergency Room for a toothache and after blood work came back questionable, she had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The doctors told her, had she not come in when she did, she would have been dead in 4-6 weeks so treatment was going to be aggressive and quick. It was shocking and scary and worrisome all at the same time.  She was immediately admitted to the hospital and started her first round of chemotherapy within 24 hours. Six rounds of chemotherapy and 1 stem cell transplant later, Julie is now cancer free.   But that does NOT mean the doctor’s visits are over.  She must return every 3 months for lab work and bone marrow tests to make sure the cancer has not returned.  Although she does have medical insurance, it is a constant struggle with the insurance company to get them to even agree to pay anything at all.   Todd works 6 days a week trying to get as much overtime as he possibly can  to keep the family financially afloat as Julie is still unable to work at this time with her compromised immune system.   

 Hospital bills keep piling up (one bill alone is over $200K AFTER insurance paid their part) and the family is currently facing eviction.  Anyone who knows Julie knows how independent and self-reliant she is.  She has told me many times, “I don't know how our family can keep going and I feel so guilty for getting sick. I feel so bad for Todd & the fact I am not able to help him with the bills.”   Julie is cancer free today, but the financial effect of the illness lingers on and adds to the guilt. 

 I thank God every day that Julie is still with us.  She has been there for all her friends and family, ready to lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen.  She has been my voice of reason more times than I can count, telling me when I may have steered off my course in her own “Julie way.”  She is honest and tells you like it is, even when you may not want to hear it. But she always manages to do it from a place of love and sincerity and you just know she truly cares and loves you. 

 Now, it is time for us to show Julie and her family just how much she has meant to us.  It’s time for us, her family and friends, to be there for her.  Donations are being accepted to help alleviate the daunting financial burden that comes with a diagnosis of cancer.  Any amount is welcomed and appreciated.  Let us now step forward and be the angel in her life that I know she has been to us in our lives. 

Much Love and Appreciation,

Emmy Mathis

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