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TEBA Technologies, LLC mission is to provide to disadvantaged and underserved communities within the United States with technological training and real world experiences on real issues.

Our goal is to create self-contain facilities called “QUAD Facility”. The “QUAD Facility’ is made up of four major entities (Bright Minds Daycare, Manchurian Café, TEBA Technologies Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Training Center and Headquarters TEBA Technologies)

A key feature of the complex is the secure basement area that will house a Cyber Security/Data Storage Site with a “Cloud” base infrastructure. The community workforce is trained in the technologies used to support these operations in the STEM Center. We are a designed State-of-the-Art Technology facility, with secure “Cloud Technology” Support and Secure Conference Rooms facilities. Our future facilities will be Green facilities and powered by solar power, with a back-up generators making it totally self-sufficient and provide industry and government with solutions crafted to meet their specific challenges and enable them to profit from the advanced use of technology." The QUAD Facility will provide its Communities with the assets products and services that connect them to what’s important in their lives." All fund raised will be used for this purpose, with board, accounting audits and government oversight.
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