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Friends and family… As many of you already know, I was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma, a bone and soft tissue cancer, on March 24th, 2014.

I had surgery to remove the tumor, and after 18 months of believing I could cure myself without the help of doctors, my cancer has come back.

I am a sophomore university student, attending Saint Xavier University’s honors program here in Chicago. I have tried to keep up with my hectic, college schedule. Regrettably, I’ve had to give up my part-time job and my volunteer position at the children’s hospital. I have been able to maintain my grades but it is becoming increasingly harder to do so.

I have to explain that my tumor has grown quite large. It measures 21 cm by 15 cm, located in and around my right breast and chest wall. That’s roughly 8 ½ inches by 6 inches! It is deforming and I am forced to wear scarves and other bulky coverings in order to hide it.  I am broken, but I am young and willing to fight for my life. The surgeons at University of Chicago would like to remove my breast, part of my chest wall and part of my lung, along with high doses of chemo and radiation. Without these treatments, they say I will surely die. I would like to try every option available before I go this route.

I have been battling this cancer for almost two years now and it is becoming more aggressive. The first round of my cancer wiped out my family financially. My first surgeon misdiagnosed me and prepared me for surgery without any proper testing beforehand. I was forced into having a Blue Cross plan by Obamacare that didn’t cover any of my expenses. We've taken out loans, emptied 401k and any retirement and savings. My parents are working around the clock multiple jobs and still aren't even close to what this will cost.

I have chosen to heal my body with natural treatments and I am now working closely with an amazing team of doctors to cure this cancer the right way. I have completed many tests which included finding out exactly which toxins I am being exposed to that are contributing to my cancer, which vitamins I am deficient in that are scientifically tested to cure my cancer, and so much more. I have begun IV treatments of vitamin C and UV blood cleaning, but I am needing so much more. I have discovered food sensitivities I didn't know I had. I have discovered a yeast overgrowth leading to autoimmune disorders. I am learning I have T3 hormonal deficiencies and my liver is not functioning like it should. This makes it very difficult to detox toxins out of my body; something the medical doctors I have had didn't even address.

I am asking you for $50,000.00 to send me out of this country to receive natural treatments that they simply do not provide here. I know this sounds like so much but, a small amount from everyone would build up so quickly. The medical system here has failed me and they do not give much hope considering the size of tumor I am having to deal with. I have been in and out of pain but I am not giving up!

I know I have the right doctors to target specifically what my body needs to heal itself, but in order for that healing to happen, I need to provide thousands of dollars for these treatments, supplements, tests, etc. Without getting the treatment I need, I am only fighting a losing battle. I need as much help as I can get and I realize that it is Christmas time, but I am asking you to help save my life. Please, if you have it in your heart, I need help from anyone who can. A small donation would be so helpful. Even one dollar from every person would add up.

Thank you and I am forever so grateful.


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