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All funds will be used towards the Heningers past and present household bills. Along with Lorie's related expenses not covered by insurance.

How do you find the words to ask for financial help?! It's very hard to admit that after all the hard work you've done in the past, life can throw you a curve ball and leave you needing help. My husband and I tried for 4 years to have a baby and after 2 miscarriages, we were blessed with a daughter in 2009 who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Fortunately, she was born healthy and didn't have any of the health issues that most Down Syndrome babies are born with. Prior to her birth, both my husband and I lost our jobs at the same time. With unemployment and some savy coupon shopping, we always managed to get by. My husband was able to find part-time work and I became a stay-at-home Mom. Then in June of 2011 our daughter was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. I'll never forget hearing the doctor saying that Lorie could have Leukemia and thinking to myself, she must be mistaken because she already has Down Syndrome....she can't possible have Cancer too! This resulted in many hospital stays (occasionally months at a time), blood transfusions, sickness and an unbelievable amount of stress. This also resulted in our family getting behind on all of our bills. Now, i'm not trying to mislead anyone; Lories' medical bills are covered by Medicaid due to her disability. But what is not covered is the rent, water bill, gas, electric, car payment (we only have 1 car) and the car insurance. We have struggled to keep up with the car payments so that we would have transportation for Lorie to and from the hospital, but unfortunately we got behind on the other bills. My husband did find work in April of 2012 but we were still forced to file bankruptcy on our hospital bills we acquired when we had no insurance and all the credit cards we had to use just to get by. We are now trying our best to 'catch up' but without the medicaid, Salvation Army food baskets and food stamp help we were receiving, it seems we just can't get caught up. Now faced with the cost of moving, security depostits (which are high due to our low credit rating) and paying bills in full so they can be transferred to our new location (wherever that may be!), i'm forced to ask for help. Any financial assistance we receive will be used for bills and will go straight to the landlord! If you are unable to financially assist, we ask that you pray for our Lorie's health and strength for our family! I cannot Thank You enough!

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