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Help get funds needed for surgery’s to correct the damage a FL,Dr did doing her hysterectomy.Request All that visit, Leave Deanna a Hug.

Deanna's life is far from normal. her insides fell out of her body. between her legs, this only 6 weeks after a hysterectomy. The same doctor that did the original surgery was allowed to do the trauma surgery and just stuffed everything back inside, which landed her back in the hospital for three more surgiers two of which were 7 to 8 hour trauma surgeries. Now the doctors will not touch her until she has a pain pump put in. Deanna is 35 with 4 children all under the age of 10 {3 of them where left behind with family in Florida} she needs our prayers and money if she's to live long enough to raise her children and have a better quality of life. Deanna also has chronss which causes her to have lack of bowel control and this compounds the complications with having her insides floating around in her abdomen, Deanna has mass's of damaged tissue from her stomach and down ward through out all of her bowels. Deanna carried all 4 of her children with severe high risk complications, after the last baby was born she gave into having all her baby making parts removed. But that's not what the doctor did, he left her ovaries in that where peppered with cancer. A doctor here in Michigan who ended up doing her first trauma surgery said "who in the hell did your first surgery!! they left a multitude of masses and damaged tissue and organs in you!" It took this Doctor an hour to find one of the ovaries, and another half hour to get it out. The doctor then tried to put Deanna’s organs, bowels, stomach back in some kind of order, but he had so much to deal with this surgery, that he only got less then half done. Deanna was bleeding out after 6 hours on the table and they decided that the risk was to high to do this kind or reconstructive surgery with her bleeding and the fact that Deanna had to be put under with enough drugs to put down an elephant. She was not waking up in recovery. The Pain Pump is suppose to help with that, (letting her be put under with less risk in bringing her back from under the anesthesia. Deanna suffers from other illness as well, Joint and mussel pain that is sped up by the Crones, she has Stomach issues , thin tissue walls, Ulcers, She has rods, screws, and pins holding her left food together, this also adds to the pain, balance, and stability of her day to day walking or standing... Yes she falls down a lot. That raises the risk of her rupturing something inside. Every day could be the day she falls or has something rip apart inside and spill out nasty bacteria, or cause her to rip something and bleed to death internally. There is a good possibility that everything in her abdomen is twisted and wrapped around other organs. The oral pain meds she's on now until the pump can be put in, isn't working near as good as they were. If I had the money to get all she needs done I wouldn't be doing this fundraiser for Deanna, but like many others we live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the ready funds to get this done. Deanna's always been a go getter, she's put herself through college, while working and having her children, she's always ran, worked out at the gym, and did everything herself for her family....... now she can no longer do any of these things, and she's been trying to get Disability for over a year now.. she has first class issues to get disability , and yet they seem to think she's not sick or qualified... When you have crones and upper GI, lower GI issues to the point your laying on your bathroom floor just so you don’t have to run to the bathroom every 5 min. and clean up the messes. How much more disabled can you be? Every dime, penny, dollar gets Deanna that much closer to getting what needs to be done. Deanna has very few days where she isn't experiencing some type of problem with her health.. the longer it takes us to get the money to get the pain pump in, the closer we come to not having her with us here on earth. It will be the biggest loss for her family, her children , and her husband. Deanna is still a newly wed... married Feb 2012, It's too soon for her to leave our world. Thank you ever so much for helping us reach our goal to help Deanna get some of her normal life back We are all forever grateful to each and everyone of you.!  ********************************************************** For those whom wish to write a check or money order to send personally to Deanna, Make the ck out to Deanna Hocquard,mail addres: 1103 Pleasant St, MI. 49712
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