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The family and friends of Edgar Ter-Oganessian (T.O.) are uniting to raise money to help him with his battle against cancer.


*****August 29, 2012*****

Dearest friends,

On behalf of Edgar Ter-Oganessian and his family, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed and supported fundraising efforts through Give Forward. Your commitment and generous gifts are sincerely appreciated and undoubtedly has made an impact in Edgar’s life.  Also, a special thanks to Junior Bernadin, for bringing everyone's desire to help and support to friendship culmination . We sincerely appreciate the genuine and unconditional support, diligence, and generosity of every participant and we are deeply grateful for your continued support. A special thank you to Give Forward for providing the opportunity for friends and family to reach out and come together in moments of  hardship.


Ter-Oganessian Family


Since high school Edgar Ter-oganessian, better known as T.O. aspired to play football for the Florida State University, earn a degree, and join Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. He has always considered himself “a lucky guy,” proven with a little hard work, all of his goals manifested themselves. Steadfast towards a bright future, armed with two degrees, five championship rings and a trilingual tongue, T.O. was ready to give back. Rightfully, he returned to the society that once helped mold him into the team player, friend, and mentor identified by others as well as myself. “I had all the right tools, until I was diagnosed with a rare cancer.” Just as T.O. began working on his Master’s Thesis he was struck with the disheartening diagnosis of Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer mostly found in children and seldom in adults. He smartly remarks, “I guess me being a big kid it suited me well.” Yet T.O. embraced his situation with good faith undergoing a 46week Chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Armed with a positive attitude and a great support system, to T.O. “46 weeks did not seem that bad.” After nearly a year’s time of therapy the cancer went into remission. Less than seven months had past before it was back, but this time T.O. was required to seek a special facility in California called ‘City of Hope’ to proceed with another 6 month treatment process. But with the determination of a casted spear and the tenacity of a pit-bull he withstood, yet, a second round of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the human body may only withstand so much radioactive treatment and as surprising as the initial diagnosis, the shocking reoccurrence of this life threatening disease is now on it’s third attack... From Edgar: I am in treatment and looking to do some trial and alternative things to heal and strengthen my body to continue to fight for what many take for granted, life. This treatment will work on keeping the cancer from coming back as well as killing the tumor, and strengthening my immune system that was damaged by the disease and chemo itself. I was born in Armenia / Russia part of former USSR into a well to do family that did not have a need for anything. In 1993 my family came to US, after the fall of the USSR. We came here with nothing and started from zero. I am telling all this to say that I know how hard it is to have to fight for what you want in life. The insurance that has payed in excess of 2 million dollars will barely cover some of the treatment that I will need to stay alive. Please don’t understand me too quickly and hear my story. Thanks in advance, T.O. The mission of the Florida State University Athletics department states that it serves to produce programs “characterized by excellence...moreover, engenders support for the University among its many constituent groups including faculty, alumni, and friends.” So what does it take to be a Seminole? Surely integrity, maturity and excellence in character are all components; and there are very few who embody and display vires, artes, mores more humbly as T.O. has. With a remaining balance of over $26k, I have taken it upon myself to raise funds on T.O’s behalf and seek any assistance that may be afforded to help a deserving Seminole regain the “sense of fair play” in the game of life. But what does this mean to you? It means life and death to him. Let us seize the day and strengthen the chance of happiness for another, because this is what we Seminoles do. @GivingForLife4 ------------------------------------------------------------------ T.O.'s Cancer Treatment - UPDATE - November 16th, 2011 WOOHOO! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!! MANY THANKS TO ALL WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO T.O.'s CAUSE. WE HAVE REACHED OUR INITIAL $30K FOR TREATMENT BUT THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER YET! AS WORKING WILL NOT BE AN OPTION WHILE UNDERGOING TREATMENT, T.O. WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE COST OF ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS AS WELL AS VARIOUS EXPENSES ASSOCIATED WITH HIS TREATMENTS (Travel, food, medication, etc...). WE HOPE TO KEEP THESE FUNDRAISING EFFORTS FOR T.O. OPEN TO ASSIST WITH THESE ADDITIONAL COSTS. PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT AND SHARE WITH YOUR NETWORKS. OUR NEXT GOAL IS TO REACH $45K!

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