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Kate Urquhart is fighting cancer and battling for her life. Help us raise money to support her and Barb Yau financially - everything helps!

Our dear friend and fellow comic, Kate Urquhart, was diagnosed with cervical cancer earlier this fall. After going through chemo and radiation the treatment was successful with minimal side effects. Post treatment scans showed a sparkly, beautiful cervix but also the news that the cancer had actually metastasized to Kate's liver. The new plan included chemo every 3 weeks, with a pet scan to follow every three weeks. In Kate's words, "the doc isn't worried."

Before the second treatment started, Kate even got out to an open mic at her beloved home - The Monday Night Comedy Show. She did what she called her "Cancer 5" after months away from the stage. the trip out wiped her out for a whole day. She blogged about her goal to make it to that show and other things here:

December 28, 2012 was Kate's first dose of chemo for the metastasized cancer. She had a follow up shot on December 31 and then things took a really bad turn. The chemo completely laid Kate out with terrible side effects and eradicated white blood cell counts. She was admitted to Fairview Southdale on January 3rd, 2013.

Over the last couple of weeks, Kate has had some ups and downs in the hospital fighting various infections on a compromised immune system. Barb has barely left her side through it all, setting up her hospital 'office'. But as anyone can imagine, trying to work while the love of your life is battling for her life is next to impossible.

Saturday, January 12, things took a much more serious turn when Kate's port became infected, considering her fragile state. On Sunday, January 13, Kate had a PICC line put in in place of the port, and went into surgery to have the port removed. Shortly after, Kate went to the ICU with fluctuating vitals and a concern that she was going septic.

Late Sunday night, Kate was intubated and even if she pulls through this by some miracle, it's a very tough road for her very fragile body. In the words of Barb on Monday, January 14:

"It's not a foregone conclusion, but it does not look like Kate will make it. She's coded as DNR in the system and is expected to make it through the night. But she'd have to make a turn around soon, and rebound enough to fight this cancer. Not sure what else I want to or can say right now. I will post any new developments when I get them."

If you haven't been following along with the updates on Facebook, you can see them on the KUBY page at

All of us want to help Kate and Barb. It's been a really tough go for them and there isn't much any of us can do but help to support them financially. Considering the circumstances, Barb hasn't been able to work much. Let's show them the love and support they consistently show us. Anything and everything helps! Thank you!

We would like to raise as much money - as quickly as possible - for Kate and Barb. We want Barb to be able to use this as soon as possible for whatever they need. Timing is everything here, and we appreciate your urgency, too!

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