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Carolyn's family and loving community are uniting to raise funds for her rehabilitation.

My mother has been drinking for 43 years. While my childhood was filled to the brim with joyous and loving moments, it was also peppered with fearful events related to my mother's habit.There was the time we crashed into a dumpster as she swerved too far, overcompensating for a traffic cone because her sobriety was compromised. I remember calling her friends asking them to not allow my mother to drink too much at their party that night, and always feeling extreme anxiety as her and I approached the wine section at the supermarket. In retrospect, breaking your mother's favorite drinking glasses or pouring her alcohol down the drain is a blatant sign of something gone terribly wrong, but as a child all I knew was that I loved the way my mommy was when she was fully aware and able to take care of me in that unique and loving way that only she could.

Since my parents divorced when I was three years old, it was just me and mom most of the time. She worked full time as a home health hospice nurse, driving around to terminally ill patient's homes and caring for them in their final days. She has always been the kindest and most charismatic person I've ever known, healing those around her with personal story and medical prowess. Unfortunately, she has never been so adept at caring for herself. My mother has never believed that she deserves to be happy, and said to me recently that she doesn't even know how. Many people assume that alcoholics drink when triggered by stressful events, but the truth is that to real alcoholics, everything is a trigger; anxiety, joy, sun and rain alike.

Over Thanksgiving week, my grandmother died, and my uncle contracted some rare exotic virus and is in intensive care. I'd love to say that these are the reasons for the recent 3 day binge that sent my mom to the ER, but in truth, the bender began 24 hours before these events occurred. Every tragedy since my mom was 28 has simply been another layer added to the depression. We were all crushed when her father (the most charming and loving man in the universe) died in 1999, and my father's death 3 years later only solidified my fear of losing everyone I love. With no siblings, and no other immediate family, my mother's rescue is left to me and my husband. All I want is for her to recognize her greatness and her potential for happiness. At 71, my mother's story might seem nearly over, but the delightful beings in my family tend to live well beyond 90 years when uninterrupted by accident. Our conversations get her closer to saying yes to treatment everyday as she begins to realize her potential for 15 to 20 years of joy spent with her friends, with us, and with the babies we'll someday make. I've selected the best and most affordable treatment center for it's quality right near me in Malibu, CA. It blends Western medicine with holistic one-on-one counseling, diet and nutrition, meditation, and detox therapies, and has one of the highest success rates in the country. I absolutely know that if we can get her there and provide funding for it, she will live to see her grandchildren and I will again have the mother that I love and miss with all my being.

Please help us fund her magnificent transformation with anything you are able.
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