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We need to care for Auntie with transportation, a portable tub, a modern transfer apparatus and ramps for the home....

"When special needs children...become special needs senior citizens..."       Anna Jo Banks was born with Down's Syndrome in 1945. Auntie Anna is 66 years old, she will be 67 in September....Auntie falls into the category of some of the oldest adults living with Down's Syndrome. It is our wish to provide the household with whatever is necessary to help give Auntie Anna the best care possible. Until Early February 2012, Auntie Anna was able to walk on her own, dress herself, do light household chores, bathe and feed herself under supervision, initiate and engage conversation....Auntie does still talk and interact just not nearly as well as she did before.....In February Auntie Anna had an accident and injured her left eye. Auntie was already blind in her right eye and now she is completely blind.       Aunties' caregiver is her older sister, Barbera.

Auntie lives with Barbera and Corky, my husband's Mom and Dad. It is hard for Mom to care for Auntie, but she does it every day. We believe it is God and Mom that is keeping Auntie with us. Auntie really enjoyed car rides and getting out and about. Auntie had always gone everywhere the family went and being able to get out and about everyday would help Aunties' health so much. Mom mentioned to me the other day that they would love to be able to afford a Toyota Sienna and be able to install a wheelchair ramp in the vehicle.

During the summer we have been helping Mom care for Auntie. Being totally blind scared Auntie so bad , she went into depression and has been bedridden since her accident. Auntie has a very good wheelchair, they have incontinence care supplies delivered, but anything Mom believes Auntie needs, if the insurance does not cover it , Mom and Dad pay for it. Mom and Dad are both retired, early 70's, and have just enough money for rent, utilities, transportation, food, and household supplies. Auntie Anna gets the best care thanks to Almighty God and Mom and Dad. All donations will be used to provide the Barksdale-Banks household with any and all equipment needed, to help with Auntie's rehabilitation and quality of life, as well as maintenance of the equipment  for at least the next 2-3 years.       With proper care and guidance, it is possible for people with Down's Syndrome to live well into their 80's. I would also like Mom to have a more modern transfer system for lifting Auntie in and out of bed.

We are praying daily and telling Auntie daily that it is possible for her to walk again and to not be scared of not being able to see, because she will always have someone to help her. Auntie is frail, and if it is God's will, she will walk again.  We have never asked, been given, or received donations from any person or company to assist with Auntie Anna's care. Auntie gets a disability payment, but her care needs have increased dramatically. The combined family income is fixed and does not allow them to do much saving... The family can not even nearly afford the type of vehicle they want, big and reliable. We have been looking into who can build and install at least one wheelchair ramp exit in the home. We go back to college in the Fall and this will make us a little less available to help Mom with Auntie. Until we can help her to get better she requires 100% care....from 40% care all her life to 100% care 5 months ago.

   With Auntie, Mom will try to get the most out of every day at home, but Mom really wants Auntie to be able to roll out of the house, down a good sturdy ramp, and be able to push the entire wheelchair with Auntie in it, in and out of a good reliable van. Auntie receives excellent medical care. The nurses and doctors at the medical facility always comment on the rarity of having a patient who is Auntie's age and has Down's Syndrome. Dr. Nathaniel commented on her longevity being a direct result of the care she receives from her loved ones. Auntie has always been sensitive, loves attention, is opinionated, and frightened about losing her sight. Confused, but getting better with acceptance of her situation. Auntie is very empathetic....and there is always someone there to comfort her. Auntie does not want to get out of bed and do much because she can't see. Auntie also knows that we will help her move and get around in her wheelchair and exercise her limbs, massage her all over, and ask for any assistance she can give, to encourage her back into the habit of doing things for herself with assistance and exercising her muscles, because we love Auntie Anna very much....she is sweet, and funny, and very devoted to her family.       Our minds are focused on Auntie getting better and living even further beyond her pre-diagnosed life expectancy of 9 years of age.

The estimated life expectancy in America, as of 2010 for people living with Down's Syndrome, is 60 years of age. There are adults alive and thriving today in the world in their 70's and 80's. We really need the physical and financial assistance to get what Auntie, Mom and Dad need, to expedite Auntie's rehabilitation. We are very grateful for ANY donations you can make. We need 40,000 people who can give $5 towards a better quality of in-home care for Auntie. That is our mission. Out of over 4,000,000 births in the United States alone, over 5000 children are estimated to be born with the genetic disorder known as Down's Syndrome.

We are asking everyone for your much needed support. We are reaching out to the world; Our Sister, Aunt, Friend Anna J. Banks needs your help. Our goal is to spread the word for support to as many people as possible. We pray to be able to reach this goal ASAP. Auntie Anna does not like it at all when she is picked up and placed in the front seat of Mom and Dad's sedan, and after a long ride she gets a little stiff, "Oh Boy!" I can relate to her grief. At 42, I get a little stiff after a long car ride myself. We are really afraid that lifting her in and out , may apply too much pressure and cause an injury somewhere on her precious body. Auntie Anna has a VERY low tolerance for pain and discomfort, as well as being physically fragile. Auntie Anna is very well taken care of and in good health, considering her condition.   Mom and Aunties' Grandmother lived to be 108, Mom and Aunties' Mother lived to the age of 92, we have no knowledge of God's plan, our plan is to prepare to have Auntie with us for many years to come.

If you have any questions please leave your name, telephone number, and the reason for your call at (951)306-4039. We can be reached via email at   Thank You Again.   Peace and Blessings....

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