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A $5 Donation = 1 Basketball for a Child To provide a positive athletic outlet (basketball) & environment for elementary age children to break down barriers within themselves and without to create a culture of acceptance among all races & genders.

 You are one of 97% below the poverty line at your school, everyday you are reminded of your financial circumstance whether its by the clothes on your back or the snacks you swap at lunch, the idea of higher education is in another universe. Then one day your best friend turns to you with glee and says, “I’m going to a basketball camp!” You get all excited and the two of you begin to talk about your wicked signature moves on the court and how much fun it will be until reality hits you. You may be only 10 years old, but even you know Mom and Dad can’t afford it.

The rest of the day it feels as if a big grey cloud hangs over your head, why did you get your hopes up? Why should you expect anything to change, it’s just the cycle right? Before the end of the day bell rings you teacher gets the class’s attention, “Class there is a great opportunity in April for you to attend a basketball camp. It cost $1 and you get to work with college students, get your very own basketball, t-shirt, book and MORE!” Your eyes open wide, only a dollar? I can afford that; it’s in my piggy bank at home!

Mom and Dad fill out the permission slip and you show up on the day of camp. All your friends are there and the day passes by with over 25 smiles per hour. The college students challenge you in basketball drills, you learn about peace and make your own posters, there are inspirational speakers that tell you, impossible is nothing. You set your goals, big and small, for the next couple years. People really do care and it is an experience you will never forget.

Basketball Beyond Barriers is not just a one-day basketball camp, but provides the skills you need for life: embracing diversity, overcoming adversity, and plain fun! Please support our efforts by donating today. $5 alone provides a child with a basketball and experience he or she can take with him or her the rest of his or her life.

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