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Help Jared and Kristen Cook stay in Anchorage while their little angel, Ani recovers from a severe lung infection. Thank you!

Two 1/2 year old Ani is a precious little girl to her parents, Kristen and Jared, her big sister Rhythm, her baby brother Nakoa and all her family. The flu was making its way through the family; and while the rest of the family was getting better, Ani just could not get well.

Ani’s little body was being “overloaded” with fighting the infection. At the urgent care facility in Homer, Alaska, it was found that the infection was located in her right lung. Her white cell blood level was high and her lung partially collasped. Ani needed immediate advanced care and it was decided she should be flown to the Children’s Hospital in Anchorage. Surgery #1, insert a tube into Ani’s lung to aid in draining the built up fluid and to offset added pressure during the flight to Anchorage.

In Anchorage, while in Intensive Care, Ani is receiving antibiotics through a main line port, surgery#2, in her arm and has received a blood transfusion. Her little body couldn't produce enough healthy blood cells to fight the infection. A feeding tube has been inserted to make sure Ani is getting the proper nutrients and a tube remains in her lung to drain the infection.

Because of the long recovery period anticipated, Ani and her family will have to remain in Anchorage for an estimated five weeks. With Anchorage a 4+ hour road trip from Homer, commuting is not possible. So her dad can't work until they can return home. A social worker at the children’s hospital has been very helpful and was able to get Ani on Denali Kid Care insurance which is great. However, expenses are mounting.

While the focus of the family must be making sure Ani gets better, your thoughtful donations will help them not worry about their loss of income.

Can you be an angel to Ani and her family?
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