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In mid-March, Poot Poot suffered a fall down a long staircase. Soon afterwards he started having difficulty walking. I took him to a veterinary clinic and the doctor said both of his knee joints were dislocated and needed a surgery. Due to financial constraints, we put the surgery off and thankfully as weeks went by he seem to be slowly recovering.
However, on May 24th I noticed that his head was tilted and he wasn't able to walk or maintain equilibrium. I took him to the veterinary clinic and he was diagnosed with an erupted ear drum that has become infected. He was put on medicine to fight the infection; however, it hasn’t been helping. He has been on medication for the last week and a half, but his health continues on a downward spiral. Today, Poot Poot’s veterinarian and dog specialist determined that Poot Poot needs a CAT scan to better understand what is causing his head tilt, imbalance, and inability to walk. The vet said that without further treatment, Poot Poot’s health will only continue to deteriorate.
If you have or have had pets, you understand how devastating this has been for me as his owner. Poot Poot has been a source of comfort and love for me for the past four years, and it is torture to watch him suffer like this and know that I do not have the funds to nurse him back to health. Please, please help me in facilitating this recovery for Poot Poot. It is the difference between life and death for my best friend.
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