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What Are You Doing to Prevent Sexual Abuse, Bullying and Obesity? Over a million kids need your help.

What Are You Doing to Prevent
Sexual Abuse, Bullying and Obesity?

We all know it’s vitally important to protect the children from the horror of child sexual abuse, bullying and obesity.

• Research shows that 10% of all children in the United States will be sexually abused before the age of 18, we rarely hear of cases of sexual abuse. 70% of ALL sexual abuse occurs to children 17 and under. Too often, children are afraid to disclose it.

75% of children will not disclose their sexual abuse for at least one year, while 45% of children will not disclose for 5 years. Some children will never tell.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experienced some form of sexual abuse as a child. 90% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by someone the child’s family knows and trusts. Youths have higher rates of sexual victimization than adults.

Child sexual abuse is this country’s silent epidemic.

• Research shows that people who are sexually violated as children are far more likely to experience psychological problems often lasting into adulthood; devastating effects including Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, depression, suicide, substance abuse, and relationship problems.

Sexual abuse is not the only issue children face. Bullying and Obesity are other major problems for children.

According to Bullying, 2010 Resources, the Boston, MA Boston University School of Medicine, the U. S. Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, Hopper, J. (1998), and Child Sexual Abuse Statistics Research there are 10 Statistics about bullying and predators you should consider when deciding if kids are safe or need help.

• 1 in 4 students in kindergarten through 12th grade are either a bully or a victim of a bully.

• 160,000 [1 in 6] or 12 percent of students don’t show up for school out of fear of being bullied at school.

• 100,000 students who carry a gun to school

• 56 percent of students have witnessed a bullying crime take place while at school

• 10% percent of students drop out or change schools because of repeated bullying

• 2-9X of bullying victims are more likely to consider suicide than non-victims

• 1 in 4 girls will be sexually abused before the age of 14

• 1 in 6 boys who will be sexually abused before the age of 16

• 12 percent of child abuse cases are actually reported

• 3 out of 4 victimized children are female

An Adult’s Responsibility: Child sexual abuse or bullying or obesity is not the problem of one region, race, creed, socio-economic status or gender. It impacts every community and every person in America.

That is why it is up to every single adult to keep the children in our lives safe from the horror of child abuse. As parents, aunts, uncles, and guardians we make sure children are in car seats and seat belts. We walk them across busy streets. We ask our teens where they are going and who they will be with; all to keep them safe. And yet, when it comes to the crime of sexual abuse or bullying, we often grow silent.

The Reitenbach Institute needs this money to help put an End Child Sexual Abuse, Bullying and Obesity: It stands ready to help your kid(s) find the way to be safe and empowered.

Our mission is to end childhood sexual abuse, bullying and obesity. This can only be accomplished by sharing the solution of prevention, awareness, martial arts and education with more and more people.

This, in turn, builds momentum and over time, changes the way our nation and culture cares for, protects, and nurtures children.

Being an active participant in the mission to end childhood sexual abuse, bullying and obesity is one of the most rewarding things we will ever do ― and we cannot do it without you.

To find out more about how the Reitenbach can help you or a parent you know with one of these challenges.

Reitenbach Institute of Tae Kwon Do 6000 Mission Street, Daly City, Ca 94014
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