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The purpose of the Santillan Foundation is to help my best friend "Sweet Lou" with funds for his basic needs. Luis was in a car crash in 2001, that left him paralyzed. He broke his 4th and 5th vertebrae in his spine. He can't move his legs, feet, or

The purpose of the Santillan Foundation is to help my best friend "Sweet Lou" with funds for his basic needs. Luis was in a car crash in 2001, that left him paralyzed. He broke his 4th and 5th vertebrae in his spine. He can't move his legs, feet, or hands. He is a quadriplegic and is extremely limited in his movements. I have been visiting Luis in Argentina for years, and he is lucky to have found and married a beautiful girl from Holland. She has allowed him to relocate to the Netherlands which has socialized medicine. He can now get the care he needs. All was well.

His personal life has gotten a bit more complicated. He is in a good mental state, but feeling a bit scared and lonely. He is in government housing for the disabled which costs $670 Euros per month.He needs money for basic things: Food, Housing, Electric,etc. I just got back from visiting him. We had a great trip.

The Santillan Foundation will be setting up a pay pal account and gladly accepting donations. All funds collected will be used for his daily expenses.

Our goal is to reach $1000 per month. Currently we are at $200 per month and would be excited with any amount, monthly or a flat donation. Please help me save my friend. He's worth it.
kevin swerdlin



Any donation helpsLuis was very active. He took Kick boxing and could kick the ceiling. He was a dancer at the clubs. He always met girls on the dance floor. He had moves. He felt the music. I hated that. I never was a good dancer. I never Felt the music. I just had to follow so I would not be left out. Here is Luis in my New York Kitchen, all 6'1, 175lbs of him. He's now 105lbs and I'm not sure how tall. I haven't seen him stand in a decade.

Luis and I became friends in 1997. We worked together in the nightclub industry in south beach. The following year, I moved to New York. Luis decided to stay on my couch for the next few months. He was a successful DJ and spent the nights spinning and the days sleeping. We had a great time in the city.
Luis then tells me," we are going on vacation to Europe". That was in 2000, and we saw London, Paris, Brussels, and some how landed in Amsterdam for about 6 months. We stayed in a little hostel and saved our "food money" for the local cafes. I spend the time smoking at the shops, he learned Dutch. At that time, Luis spoke 6 languages. He always had an ear for music and speech. It got cold in Amsterdam, and I headed home. He stayed a few more months. I guess my New York couch was not that comfortable.
I moved back to Chicago and opened my bar. I bought a new couch and low and behold, Sweet Lou came to visit me again. We had a great time in Chi town and he went home to Argentina to visit his family.
While home, he went to DJ at the love parade in Chile. He was hit by a dump truck coming down the mountain. His SUV was destroyed and he broke his back. He laid there for about 2 hours till the ambulance arrived. He was lucky to be alive. He was suppose to visit me the following month for winter music fest in Miami. He didn't show. I couldn't contact him. I was so mad that he stood me up. A few months went by and I got the call. He explained what happened and I felt bad for being mad at my friend for not showing. I was crushed to hear he couldn't walk again.

DJ Luke Santos's Life Story

Luke Santos begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting started deejaying at the tender age of 16 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But it was at the age of 21 when his career really started, as he moved to Miami and started playing at larger venues and bigger parties. At this time, with his base in Florida, he started to travel to other cities to play, such as Tampa, Chicago, Dallas and New York. Living in Miami, he took part in six Winter Music Conferences, one of the world's the most important electronic music events. In search of new experiences, he traveled to Amsterdam to play and ended up living there for over a year as he was offered residencies at some of Holland's most important clubs. Living in Holland, he was able to play at some of the best clubs in Europe in cities such as Frankfurt, Barcelona, Rome and Ibiza. He worked four summer seasons.
After several years, he decided to travel to Argentina for a couple of months. New Years Eve 2001, he went to Santiago, Chile for a gig. He ended up living in Chile after being offered a residency at the biggest club in the city and having offers to play at several other venues and parties. After a year of playing all over Chile and South America, he decided to move to Pucón for the summer season. After a couple of weeks living there, he had an accident that almost cost him his life. It left him paralyzed from the shoulders down, leaving him without any chance of deejaying again.

In December 2003, he started to take electronic music production classes and started to make his first tracks supported by voice control technology. Having thought that he could never be involved with music again, he proved himself wrong. He was able to make rhythms and sounds with profound determination, many hours of hard work, and above all, his passion for music. He still has that. It has enabled him to go ahead with his life, and continue to live for the music, just as he had always done. In January 2004, he produced his first track. It was the starting point of the infinite possibilities he had before him. Each track submerged him into days of hard work which finally had him producing 2 tracks a month. In July 2004, he designs his own website and immediately many European labels started to show their interest in his productions. By December 2004, he had already finished 15 tracks, 4 remixes and his website had obtained an astonishing record of 12.000 views in six months.

In January 2005, he was invited to be part of the Chilean edition of the famous Berlin-based event, Love Parade. He presented his album "Music Beyond Wheels". His presence at the chilean festival stood out and the creator of the Love Parade, Dr. Motte, touched by his story, talent and determination, challenged Luke to start deejaying again and invited him to take part in next year's event in Berlin and Santiago. On August 26th 2005, he produced the first Love Parade event in Argentina. Just as he had promised himself and many others, after an intense physical & emotional program, he was ready. Once again, he was where he never imagined he would be: in the dj booth. With only 20% of his body and 100% of his emotions, he made over 2000 people dance!

2006 started off with an unique invitation. He had the privilege of taking part in the line up of the second edition of the Love Parade event in Santiago, Chile. He performed on the main stage, to over 300,000 people. Luke also played at the closing event to more than 7.000 people. He transmitted three years of accumulated energy through his music. It combines minimal, electro and techno sounds. During 2006, he started to get gigs all over the country and was invited to take part in the Chilean Telethon, an event that collect funds for handicapped children. This event had a profound impact in his life. He took part in the closing event at the Olympic Stadium to over 80.000 people, with Latin American TV coverage to over 20 million spectators!

Once again in 2007, he is invited to take part in the Chilean Love Parade event, but this time organizes a Chilean tour, playing in many cities such as Viña del Mar, Valparaíso and Santiago. With a total of 9 gigs, in seven cities and 10 flights in only 15 days, this was by far his most ambitious project. With this, Luke Santos begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting turns into the first and only dj in the world, that after being left paralyzed is able to take up his passion again, showing us his strength and demonstrating to us the value of being alive.

In 2008, Luke had relocated to Amsterdam, Holland. He has been taking some time off the DJ scene, to work on his inner self and his health. He still enjoys the music and is interested in the right project to spend his efforts on.


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