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Many may have read or heard that on July 21 I took my mother Kathy to St Mary's hospital as she was feeling a little naseaed and been sick to stomach mid day well she went and rest and when I checked on her she didn't seem right so I checked for blood sugar and it was right at 300 along with super high blood pressure in the two hundreds over one hundreds.

After being at the er she told them of her acid reflux trouble and that her throat and mouth had acid well they order a gi cocktail after they lower her blood pressure some and gave some insulin . Long behold she could swallow the liquid and it made sick once agin so the doctor there order a ct scan of here stomach and came back to us told us she had a deadly stomach infection the lead to death quickly and after further blood work it showed she was having a heart attack. We asked them about her swallowing and they said they was concern about that and we express she may have had a stroke but they assured us that was ruled out..

Fast forward to Saturday morning early she was transfer by ambulance to Washington hospit center for the cath lab to check for the heart attack. Once again there we asked if stroke would cause her not to swallow and that her eye and lip look like it had dropped once again we was assured it wasn't a stroke that was cause her issue a she passed a field of test that the doctor asked her to do after being there a week and not eating or drinking the new doctor on the floor was willing to listen to us . That same day he order the Mir to find she had two strokes and In fact it had affected her swallowing among her balance and sensory. Before this they basically told her she could swallow and it was all in her head and they were like if you don't want eat were shoving tube down your nose . And then one doctor ask to try to swallow just bit of water and the. She got stringled and she said you didn't try to swallow. Once they figured out it was a stroke and she couldn't eat they started iv tpn nuriusment and that was hard on her body she. Gain almost 20 pounds not eat just because of this fluid . In the three weeks she was there she had over 60 Ivs inserted because they were fail so rapidly and finally the opted to install a g tube in her stomach to feed her. After get stable on the tube feeds and medication they arrange for her to go to rehabilitation she has been there two day as of today and has been trying very hard. She has missed her son very much doubt those two day since he isn't aloud to Stay there with her. He stayed by her side the 3 weeks at the hospital not leaving for for
More the few minute. As you can imagine with the cost of parking and dining and traveling to help and visited her it realy taking a toal and the hospital bills are already coming in and at this time we want to ask friend and family if they could help us out because she always thought of every one before her self and would give her last dollar to a stranger. And I would like to thank the family and friend how have already help us out so much with buying lunch or something we need while staying there or just bought lunch or gave money it was all turely appreciated and she has been so thankful of all the prayer and good thoughts and checking in on her and he visits.

And if you for got she already had lot on her plate with being legally blind from the diabetes and she has been fight for 4 years now.
Thanks to all who can help us out
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