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Izzy was a stray puppy who was hit by a car and had surgery. She now needs another surgery and we have no funds to do provide it.

Izzy is a 3 month old German Shepherd mix puppy. This is Izzy's story: I was with my dad and daughter on Monday November 1st, 2010 when we saw a puppy following a little girl across a busy street. It was right after school so there was a crossing guard helping her cross, and this puppy was right behind her. The light was red and we were observing how this little girl didn't have the dog on a leash and no one else was around. When the girl crossed she turned around and was giggling and talking to the puppy. Unfortunately the puppy turned around right when the light turned green and made a dash to cross the road. It was practically in slow motion with nothing we could do as we both knew a car was coming up to the light. I hoped that the dog happened to have turned back hearing the traffic or made it under the car between the tired but sure enough, to my horror I saw her down in the road and the back tire run over her (I didn't see the front tire hit her but my dad did) We jumped out and ran to her. Traffic was at a stand still and the guy who hit her got out and was in tears. I told the guy who hit her it was ok as my dad was picking her up off the pavement. I patted his shoulder and ran back to the truck. My dad placed her on my lap and I could see a good sized wound on her hind leg. You could almost see the bone. She tucked her head under my arm and at that point lost her bladder on my lap.

We ended up at my vet and he ran inside to get someone. They came out and took her so they could examine her. We sat waiting and could hear her yelping from the back. The vet (who is my vet for my dogs) came out and said she had a broken femur. She said our choices were to take her and take on the financial responsibility to the emergency vet, which may refer us to a bone specialist for surgery and would cost probably around $2000, or to leave her there and they would bandage her leg and keep her for 6 weeks hoping the leg would heal. I went home and looked online for financial help. I applied for a couple grants that help with this kind of stuff and was denied because the places are low on funds.

I called the next day and said I couldn't leave her there and wanted to know how I could get her. They advised me that her leg may need to be amputated because of the growth plate fracture and how mangled that area was. I called the emergency vet, as well as Iowa State University vet hospital, and received quotes. The emergency vet was more so I opted for ISU. I picked her up and drove her to ISU where I was luckily able to skip the emergency area and get right into ortho (that saved on the bill and was where I needed to end up anyway) They examined her and took a look at an xray from the vets office and said not only was her growth plate fractured but her hip ball was also fractured. Once I got in there and they saw the 2 fractures, their estimate doubled and came to $2500-$3200. We left her at ISU opting for the surgery, as there is no other way for her leg to heal. They needed to put pins in her knee and her hip socket, as well. Her surgery was completed on Nov. 3rd and went well. They did tell me she was anemic from worms they had found in her stool. She may need to be put back under in 3 days or so to close up her wound depending on how well it is healing on its own.

Once the surgery is completed, she will then remain up there for a week of physical therapy to make sure she gains the use of her leg again. Thankfully she is on good pain meds and isn't in horrible pain like she was when we first took her up there. We are looking at about $3500 (hopefully) when its all said and done. We are now trying to figure out a way to pay the hospital bills. Every bit helps us to care for Izzy and make sure she can have as normal of a life as possible. I am a huge dog lover and couldn't bare the thought of Izzy continuing to have a broken leg. I know she wasn't on the strongest pain medication and the leg was only bandaged. I know most of you pet lovers out there couldn't bare the thought of that happening to your pet or any animal so please, lets come together and make a difference in this pooches life!

UPDATE! 11/8/10 Izzy is doing great!! I can't believe the difference I see in her already. The puppy in her was coming out in her when I went to visit her yesterday! She was walking around more, though she couldn't use that back leg for long. She was barking at me playfully when I would stop rubbing her head. She is in great spirits and should be moving to physical therapy this morning. She will probably need her back wound still stitched up once they make sure there is no infection in there. She will hopefully have her staples removed before she comes home, which should be on Friday!! We look forward to having her here...Have I ever told you how strange it is to own a puppy and visit her in the hospital when she has never stepped foot in your house?? =)

UPDATE 11-10-10 Izzy has been in physical therapy this week. They work on her leg 4 times a day, which is great! Good news is she will be coming home tomorrow!! It will be a long 2 months ahead of us as we have to keep her kenneled and quiet and with 2 other dogs and 3 small children this shall be interesting! We will also need to continue her therapy here at home. I will get more pictures up once we get everything settled. It is going to be a challenging over the next couple of months, but well worth it I hope!

Update 11-12-10 Izzy has been home for almost 24 hours and it is becoming apparent how much work this is going to take. She HATES taking her pills! But hopefully with the help of our little friend Oscar Mayer it will be easier now. =) I put it in a treat this morning and she ate the treat and spit out the pill. Then I tried peanut butter and she rejected that all together. Tried pushing it down her throat but in the end she vomited so I know she didn't get any of the meds in her system...ugh! Took me a few hours to realize why she wasn't using her leg but then I realized its because there are no pain meds in her system right now. She has had another dose of pain meds so we will wait until tonight to do physical therapy. She goes back to ISU in the morning for sedation to remove her bandage and staples. Hopefully she wont need to have the wound bandaged again. I will update after her appointment. Thank you to all of you for your continued support. We appreciate it!!

UPDATE 11-13-10 Not a very good visit with the dr today. Izzy using her leg less has been caused by a shift in one of the pins in her knee. I will post a picture so you can see what they are talking about. They want to do another surgery Monday or Wednesday. If they just remove the pin it will be around $600-800. If they need to replace it we are looking at $1500. I am so upset at this point. I am tapped dry of cash and just dont know what to do at this point. I know that pin is hurting her so we wont be doing any therapy on her knee at this point. I will be able to pick up cans tomorrow all day pretty much, including Indianola. Please let me know your address of where to pick up the cans from and what times you will be available. You can email me at I am on a mission to get as much funding as possible tomorrow so I can figure out when she can get the surgery. I know where there is a will there is a way but oh my this path seems to be all uphill and very very steep.

On a more positive note, her staples were removed (but I can't actually see where they were because there is a bandage over it) and her wound is doing very well. She has what looks like a huge bandaid over it now. It should be able to heal up on its own now.

Update 11/15/10 Izzy will be going back to ISU to have the pin that has shifted in her leg removed. She will hopefully be coming home the same day. I will post an update after her surgery.

Update 11/19/10 We drove up to get Izzy from ISU today. She had surgery on the 17th. It went well, the pin was removed, her incision was stapled shut and she is now able to continue physical therapy. We have lost ground on her range of motion but hopefully we will get it back with some hard work over the next several weeks. She will go back to ISU in 2 weeks to have her staples removed and so they can check her range of motion. I will update in a few days to let you know how physical therapy is going Thank you everyone for supporting us and Izzy. We are truly grateful!

11/30/10 Izzy went to ISU yesterday and had her staples removed. They are happy with her hip range of motion but her knee is only at 90 degrees and looks like that is more than likely all she will get. She does hop if she gets going fast but she does use her leg if she walks slowly. She was retested for worms and everything came back good. She will go back in 2 weeks and have xrays and if everything looks healed she will hopefully get the all clear to be a normal healthy playful puppy.

Have a great day!!
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