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We are uniting to raise money to help with Marty's medical and associated expenses. Please donate here if you can!

Hello Friends,

Everybody warned this day would come. Ginny finally succumbed to illness.  She is better now, but realizes the stress that can accumulate and cause her to get sick herself. As our friend Judith says she has been worn to the nub, and it's become clear she has to ask  loved ones for help.

 Ginny needs some respite care. she simply can't maintain this responsibility on her own anymore. A gal who comes a few hours a week, but it's not enough. Ginny gets up to do his meds first thing in the AM, last thing at night and all through the days. She deals with the crisis as they arise, including his panic and sense of shortness of breath which is constant.  Marty's getting better, but it's slow. So he needs to go to outpatient care. An 8 week pulmonary clinic twice a week and swallow/nutrition once a week. If Ginny continues to be the only one, she will no doubt get sick again due to the ongoing stress and wear and tear. It's been a 24/7 job for a very long time. Even small gifts of your time will help a great deal. They will also let them know we are not alone in this.

It is difficult to ask for help, but there is no choice. To continue to care for Marty, Ginny has to get back some ground.

As you know we usually post the good news. But the truth is it's been a great challenge with ongoing hardships health and otherwise.

Our funds have once again come down to a few hundred dollars in Marty's medical account. They go to his new food, meds and a care giver a few hours a week.

Often this care giving leads to feeling isolated and completely alone. Yes it's a wonderful thing to see how far Marty has come and Ginny feels fortunate to have been his help mate. But she is tired, and fears the future without any assistance.

We are grateful for the continued support, since this is continuing to be a marathon and not a sprint.

Blessings to you all,

Team Marty

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