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Jewel's only hope for improvement is spinal surgery. Pug Rescue of FL is determined to help her and is raising money to pay for the surgery

APRIL 30, 2012 UPDATE:
Thank you to all the wonder pug lovers that donated to cover the surgery costs for Jewel's spinal surgery. We love you all for helping us help Jewel and the more than 100 foster pugs in our care. YOU ROCK!

The team were very taken by the love that pugs bring out in people, and they suggested that we go ahead and increase Jewel's fundraiser by $1,300 to include her pre-surgery diagnostic testing expenses. So, that is what we have done.

Please continue to spread the word and check back often for Jewel updates. She and her foster mom, Pat, are both troopers. They need and deserve all the love and support we can give them.


APRIL 29, 2012 UPDATE:
Jewel went to see her favorite Neurologist, Dr. Hopkins, this week for a check up and to have her staples removed. He said she looked good, but it is too soon to expect improvement. That will take time and therapy. While they were there, her foster mom got a handy dandy sling walking aid to help Jewel get around while recuperating. Starting next week Jewel will be going to Dr. Hopkins 3 times a week to receive electrical stimulation therapy for her leg muscles. Jewel’s foster mom is delighted to report that Jewel is happily hanging out in her exercise pen on pillows like Cleopatra; she is feeling good and eating like a pig (aka pug).

4-12-2012 UPDATE
Our sweet Jewel had her surgery on Monday and came through it fine. Of course, it is way too soon to know what the final results will be. The next several weeks will be crucial. However, we are happy to report that Dr. Hopkins said he is guardedly optimistic and today she had some movement in her rear legs. He also said she ate her breakfast like a champ (like the pug girl she is). The first couple of weeks will be mostly cage rest but after that, JEWEL DESPERATELY NEEDS A GOOD REHAB HOME that has time to work with her and give her the best shot she has to improve. If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area or can get Jewel to her appointments in Jacksonville, please send an email to today and let us know you will help her. Please continue to spread the word about Jewel’s fundraiser via, she needs your prayers and the rescue needs your donations.

Original post:
Jewel is a pug girl that currently lives in a Pug Rescue of Florida foster home in Jacksonville, Florida. She is a gem of pug but unfortunately, this little pug is in a world of hurt. Her only chance to improve is to have spinal surgery. She just came into rescue about a month ago. Her owners said that a few months ago she started wobbling when she walked and became incontinent. Then it just kept getting progressively worse. When she arrived in rescue, she was mostly dragging her legs and she had a urinary infection that we are currently treating her for. We also took her to Dr. Andy Hopkins, a Neurologist, to see if he thought he could help her. After $1,200 of diagnostic tests it was determined that Jewel has a cyst on her spine and a protruding disc. She has not responded to medical therapy, therefore, her only option is spinal surgery. With the recommended surgery to remove the cyst and fuse the discs around it, Dr. Hopkins feels her chances for improvement are 70 - 80 %. After watching her drag her little self around, those odds sound pretty good to us. Without the surgery, she will continue to deteriorate and be left to drag her legs behind herself for the rest of her life. Pugs are people dogs and they want to be by their humans. It just about kills us to watch her dragging her little legs around desperately trying to stay by her foster mom. We feel like Jewel has never been any trouble to anyone; she is otherwise healthy; only 10 years old and she deserves this chance. We need your help to pay for Jewel’s spinal surgery. Pug Rescue of Florida has over a 100 pugs in foster care all the time; last year we rescued 355 pugs and paid over $128,000 in medical expenses. We do charge adoption fees for the pugs we adopt out but the adoptions fees we collect for the year only cover only about 40% of our annual vet bills. We struggle to keep our heads above water but we believe Jewel deserves this chance and we want to give it to her. PLEASE DONATE TODAY TO HELP US PAY FOR JEWEL’S SURGERY AND GIVE HER THE CHANCE SHE DESERVES.
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