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Desperately trying to save and improve the quality of life for our beloved pet, Morrison.

Our beagle/lab mix has been part of our family for 11 years. We thought it was premature aging when he began urinating in the house and eating out of the trash at age 10. We saw his back legs were not working so well and felt some lumps under his skin. A visit to the vet taught us that he exhibits all the symptoms of canine Cushings Disease, a disease of the endocrine system. He has tumors and a pot belly and feels hot, thirsty, and hungry all the time. Imagine never feeling satisfied from those needs! He is losing his hearing and his back legs hurt him. There may be more going on internally. He sleeps most of the time now and often seems to be trying to tell us something through painful grunts and wimpers. What we do know is he is unhappy and uncomfortable. Eventually, this disease will attack his organs and maybe even kill him, but it will happen slowly and painfully. If treated, he can live normally to his full life span and feel better. He can even return to the energetic and happy dog he once was. It will cost us 40-50 a month for medication, which we will find a way to do, but for the initial testing and the surgery to remove his tumors it will cost us a little over $1200. We have two kids, two other dogs, and one of us is out of work. We simply do not have that much money and do not qualify for any financing or credit. This is our last ditch effort to try and come up with a way to save our family member.
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