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Hadley, a cute 9 week old Shorkie, jaw was crushed by another dog and will not make it unless she has a $1300 surgery done IMMEDIATELY!

Hadley, a 9 week old Shorkie, was viciously bitten on the face by another dog which crushed this poor little puppy's jaw and needs to be surgically fixed IMMEDIATELY! All that is holding her tiny jaw together at this moment, is surgical tape and she is only able to eat and drink through a syringe which is not nearly enough to sustain her for long.

Help save this poor puppy's life by making a donation that will go towards her $1300 surgery to fix her jaw and SAVE her little life that has barely started! She belongs to a little girl who will be so happy to know that her best friend will be ok and grow up with her by her side.

Any donation, large or small, will help save Hadley's life and the quicker we can reach our goal, then the quicker the surgery can be done and she will be saved!

Even if you are unable to help with a donation at this moment, then spreading the word with family, friends or anyone is just as appreciated!

We appreciate any and all help, thank you so much! And remember, that she only has days before it is too late so it really is a race against time.

The race to save Hadley's life is on!!

**UPDATE 6/20**

The vet is keeping Hadley over night, they shaved her face to check her nose and eye for fractures. Her jaw, eye socket and some small bones in her nose are fractured, thats why she cant breathe. They gave her medicine to make the swelling go down. Good news though they got her to eat! We will know tomorrow if the frances fund will help at all with her surgery! Please keep sharing her story and the sales on Mayleeboo Tutus and Bows, were so close to Helping Hadley!!!


Everyone... Hadley does not seem to be doing very well and I don't know if she will even make it through the night. :( We have raised over $400 to go towards her surgery, however that doesn't even put a dent in the amount we need for her and I don't think she will be able to hold on that long. We have applied for some grants but I'm not sure Hadley can wait. She's suffering and in a lot of pain and has not and will not eat or drink anything. My heart is broken but each one of you that has helled with the discount orders has a small piece of my broken heart for even caring to help when we needed it. If Hadley makes it through the night we will take her to the vet in the morning and see what our options are at this point. :( if Hadley does not make it though I will continue the sales for a bit and raise money to donate to someone else who needs to help their sweet pet and doesn't have the means to do so. Please pray for Hadley. We love her so much!
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