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They Are Our Families, Our Friends, Our Neighbors.... They are homeless, jobless and have two small children. They Need Your Help!

Lorraine Kopp Sabbides, her husband Ed and their two small boys (age 4 and 5) narrowly escaped a fire which destroyed their home on July 3rd. They were just barely able to get their two small boys, Sweetie (aka dog) and themselves out of their mobile home before it became engulfed with smoke and flames.

Ed was able to rescue the children while Lorraine searched frantically for their toy poodle Sweetie (Sweetie was later found inside the trailer unconscious and rescued by Largo Firefighters - see the video.)

Within minutes they were outside their home, barefoot, wearing only the clothes they had on their bodies from the night before.

Soon neighbors were helping to put out the fire - but it was too late - the home was a total loss. Inside smoke and flames destroyed all the family's mementos, cherished photos, clothes, shoes, children's toys, furniture - all lost!

The mobile home was paid for, however it was not currently insured for fire loss.

They were rushed to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and Sweetie was rushed to the vet.

They received medical attention at the local hospital and are expected to have a full recovery. Later that evening, Lorraine and her family were discharged - and they left the hospital, without shoes and wearing the same clothes. They have been able to stay at family member's houses for the past week.

Back at the vets - the doctor did not recognize Sweetie, they thought the white toy poodle was actually a black dog due to all the soot covering her. They treated Sweetie and then proceeded to present Lorraine a vet bill for over $2,000. Sadly to say - they could not pay this fee.

A Little About The Family

Lorraine lost her job last year (teaching cosmetology) and has been styling hair for friends and clients to make ends meet. Her husband Ed, a carpenter, who once had his own thriving business - was also down on his luck and looking for ways to support the family, any way he could. However, at this time he is currently unemployed and looking for work.

They have no money! They have no savings! They have no furniture! They have no clothes! The don't permanent shelter!

Please Help!

If you know anybody, friends, family members, churches, or organizations that can help - then pass this story on.

If a LOT of US just gives as much as we can - WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
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