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Hi this fundraiser is dedicated to Michelle leonard of Los Angeles county .

A now forcedly retired arts teacher/senior citizen instructor who used to work for Montecito Heights as a arts teacher at the MONTECITO HEIGHTS SENIOR CENTER. She has over 22+ years experience in teaching arts and crafts such as ceramics,molding,and painting. All until she became terminally Ill just about 5 years ago from Renal Faliure!
Now she is going to dialysis 4times a week with no other choice if she doesn't go it has been set straight forward to her that she will die within weeks . For over ten years time before she got sick she had dedicated a huge portion of her everyday life to helping the less fortunate along side her owning and running her small business intitled CERAMIC DREAMS wich was a ceramic production based business who donated upto 20% of all her business revenue to charity's and fundraiser's geared toward helping our local poor families . She had a great inspiration and drive in which I feel we have been lacking in los angeles County lately . Now she has lost all her money to medical bills and is now in debt along side trying to struggle to live in her everyday life
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