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Kloie Medical fund

Hello, I am writing this fundrasier to tell you about my beautiful little girl named Kloie. She has had a rought start from the beginning. She was a premature baby. She has blood sugar problems along with feeding issues. She has problems with keeping her body temp up. She stayed in the hospital for about 2-3weeks before i was able to take her home. When i did get to take her home she wasn't like any other baby. I had to set my alarm clock every 2-3 hours to get up and feed her, because she wouldn't let me know when she was hungry. She started to let me know she was hungry by 3 months old. She was the perfect baby.
Her life changed June 18th, 2003. I will never forget that day. She was 1 month and 11 days old. She had her first of many seizures. We went to the specialist, but they couldn't put her on any medicine until she gained more weight. When she was 7 months old they started her on seizures medicine. From that time on until she was 14 months old they had tried different medicine to control the seizures. She had a really bad night one night. To where she was having multiple seizures. To where they were not stopping. They ended up lifeflighted her to the children hospital in spokane washington. (we where living in montana) where they did tests and found out that she had a tumor they removed it. Since then she has been tumor free. We still have no idea what causes the seizures. She has other medical problems now. She has been diagnosed with ADHD,ODD, By-polar and a seperation aniexty disorder. Along with theses she has an autoamune disorder to. Sereve food allergies. She does PT/OT every week. Along with asthma. My daughter is only 9. With all of this she is now starting pre-puberty. With all of these medical issues. Somethings are cover by our insurance. Travel is not covered. So, between medicine and the traveling to three different hospitals is hard to cover when there is some much.
Here are some of the things insurance doesn't cover, certain food and shampoo and toothpaste and stuff like that she is allergic to. I pay out of pocket. With a limited income. I often have to choose between my lot rent and utilies to get her these things. Along with repairs for vehicle or home repairs. So, i am reaching out and asking for help.
I grew up in foster care. I don't get help from my family. Her father has never really been in her life due to the fact that he is in and out of prsion most of her life. I am trying to do the best that i can. So, i am swallowing my pride and asking for some help. If you would like anymore information please feel free to contact me. I will answer any questions you have. Thank you so much for listening. Please keep her in your prayers. Something so simple has great power!
If you would like to send a check please send to:

Leila Adams
3700 cornhusker hwy trlr 70E
Lincoln, NE 68504
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