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"Make me better, Mommy" - Temple Ealey Temple's story was featured in the movie "Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe."

When he was 18 months old, he was injured by a double dose of MMR combined with DTaP and Hib Vaccines.

He is severely autistic as a result of his injury.

Temple's story as it appears in Vaxxed can be seen here:

Over the years his mother has sought out different therapies to help Temple recover. In the past, one thing that has helped him a lot has been hyperbaric therapy. He's done 120 dives in a deep-pressure chamber but they had to stop because of financial concerns.

Today, they have an opportunity to get a Vitaeris 320 mild hyperbaric chamber through Hyperbaric PHP to use in their home.  This will allow for Temple to receive daily hyperbaric treatments. But they need your help. The cost of the chamber and accessories is around $25,000.
All funds raised will be used for Temple's medical needs only.

Please share this fundraiser far and wide!
The family thanks you in advance for your help.

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