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January 20th our dogs Rhea and Ty were poisoned with antifreeze. After being hospitalized, Ty went into kidney failure and we had a long struggle after that. Unfortunately, Ty passed away February 24th. The girls are now being treated for rat poison.

The  story reported on  News 4 is very incorrect. The original antifreeze poisoning account is detailed as the first post here, and new updates are added to the top. I did find rat poison pellets in the backyard when the snow melted where I had previously observed the dogs giving the area a lot of interest and digging at the ground. The SPCA officer collected this as evidence. Our dogs must now wear muzzles to go outside and be under constant supervision in order to ensure they do not consume more poison. They cannot even play a game of fetch in their own backyard  anymore. Thank you to everyone who has given us support thus far. We greatly appreciate it. -Lisa

UPDATE 03/09/2010: The bloodwork came back very good today! The girls are on the fast track to a full recovery!

UPDATE 03/02/2010: I took Rhea and Vell in today for a blood recheck and their numbers are improving in just 24 hours! Rhea's swelling has gone down and her urine is back to normal. She is such a trooper!

UPDATE 03/01/2010: Rhea and Vell are being treated. We are hoping we can still save them. We spent another $350 tonight, and will recheck blood cell counts to make sure we are heading in the right direction tomorrow, and hopefully they will not need blood transfusions. Vell's chest and abdomen are badly bruised from the bleeding, and she is experiencing bloody diarrhea. Rhea is bleeding from her soft palate, urinary tract, and into her joints. Her ankles and feet are badly swollen, and her urine is bright red blood still. We are hoping their situations turn around very soon.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who is donating and the kind words from everyone. Your support is greatly appreciated.


UPDATE 03/01/2010: The girls need to go to the vet now to be treated for rat poisoning as it was confirmed in another dog on the property. We are unsure at this point the cost of treatment, but on the antifreeze poisoning treatment alone we spent over $3,800.

UPDATE 02/25/2010: After administering subcutaneous fluids for over a week, we were making excellent progress on the renal failure. A few days into it, he developed ulcers in his stomach, and we began treating him for that. When all appeared to be going well again, he developed a huge wound in his side. We had to use a local anesthesia and stitch that up. Yesterday, the 24th, Ty was scheduled to have his stitches removed after two weeks of no playing and a big lampshade on his head. The center of the stitches had began bleeding, so they left a few stitches in. Ty quickly went downhill. We believe he hemorrhaged into his chest. He was struggling to breathe, and was very lathargic. Ty took his last breath at home last night.


UPDATE 01/27/2010: Ty is in renal failure, and we are trying to reverse the kidney damage. We are doing subcutaneous fluids for three weeks with a special diet and blood tests to moniter him. Each time we do blood tests it is $140 after spending $200 more today, and another $100 tonight for the fluids.


We are desperately looking for help our two precious dogs, both Australian Shepherds, one only 5 ½ months old and the other only 1 ½ years old. Wednesday January 20th, they become suddenly and very critically ill.

I was home most of Wednesday, and it was the only day I did not monitor them in the backyard when they were out to potty. I went to the grocery store around 5:30p.m. and returned at about 6:30 or 7, and proceeded to feed the dogs as usual. They had been in their crates while I was away. I put Rhea’s food bowl down for her, and that is when I noticed something was very wrong with her. She normally gobbles down her food, in fact, she has a “Slow Down” bowl for her safety, and she was only picking at her food while laying down. When she tried to stand, she wobbled and fell and I noticed how bloated her stomach was. Knowing our regular vet was closed, we called 411 for the nearest facility, which happened to be Green Acres Small Animal Hospital in Tonawanda, NY. I checked on the other two dogs (we also have a rat terrier) and they both seemed healthy and fine. Rhea was rushed to Green Acres, and as we had no idea what had happened, they began tests. She was slipping in and out of a coma at this point. They needed a $950 deposit down on her, and between two credit cards I was able to put that down for my poor girl. They said they would have to transport her to Grand Island Small Animal Hospital in Grand Island, NY for overnight intensive care. Very scared for her and upset, I had to return home. I checked on the dogs at home, and as they seemed fine, I proceeded to check the house and yard for anything they could have gotten into. I found nothing inside or in the back yard. I called my mother and explained to her what had happened, and then went to take Ty (the 5 1/2 month old Aussie) and our rat terrier outside. I found Ty laying on his side in vomit, unable to get up. It was after 8pm at this point, and so I immediately took him to Grand Island Small Animal Hospital.

Rhea arrived at Grand Island shortly after we did in a coma. After the vet saw her there, she brought us to the back because she wasn’t sure Rhea was going to make it through the night. I cannot even express how horrible it was to hear that news and to see my baby girl so lifeless. At this point, they were pretty sure it was a neurotoxin, and administered activated charcoal to Ty. Rhea has been vomiting so much and then in a coma they didn’t dare give it her. At about 10:30 or 11, I was trying to prepare myself to say good bye to Rhea and Ty,  realizing that it may be the last time I would get to see them. Rhea began to come out of her coma, and as soon as she was awake enough, they administered activated charcoal to her as well. Both were on IV fluids. The vets told me that Rhea’s x-rays had shown a great amount of food in her stomach, and she had vomited up incredible amounts of food and liquids, much more than her 2 cups of food a day that she eats. I was baffled.
Before going home for the night, we had to pay a deposit on Ty. My parents were kind enough to loan us the $1,250 required to treat Ty.

At about 1am, I got a phone call from Grand Island. They said the tests indicated that the dogs had ingested ethylene glycol, a common ingredient in antifreeze. They were being started on ethanol for treatment.
This morning I did some research on antifreeze poisoning, and searched the house and yard extensively. To this moment, we have not found anything the dogs could have gotten into. While we believe they were intenionally poisoned, according to the officer at the SPCA there is nothing we can do legally because there isn't any evidence.
Rhea was transferred back to Green Acres in the morning since that is where she was initially taken, and Ty stayed at Grand Island. We called multiple time to check on our dogs, and we were allowed to visit Rhea. On Friday the 24th they both came home. We had to pay another $594.43 for Rhea, bringing her total to $1,544.43 There was still a chance of renal failure, but there was not much we could do anymore.

Ty seems to have lost some control of his rear legs and unfortunately his bladder. He has to go outside frequently 24 hours a day and doesn't always do well on the stairs. Rhea seems to have bounced back to her happy, peppy self. In total, our vet bills came to $2,794.43. We are really looking for help in paying these off. We tried contacting a few organizations that might help us, but we didn't have any luck. Any amount will help us out, and Ty and Rhea will thank you!

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