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(FUNDRAISER STARTS JUNE 17 2016) Any person willing to help out will change a child's life in a 3rd word country.

Working with a couple childrens care programs to help make shore every child has fresh water, a hot plate, a good education. The money will be going to childrens care programs all across the usa to sponser children that were born into poverty. We try and give them a shot at a better life. All we ask is if u can try and help out as much as u can we understand not everyone can help that's why we work are hardest at doing the best we can to try and do are part in helping children in need. Thank you very much everyone can change this world one day at a time. If everyone puts a little effort in this world could be as peaceful as rainbow in the sky. Everychild deserves to visit the beauties of this planet and have a chance to experience new things. Thirty percent of these children are kid naped and forced to shoot a gun and some are force to do other thing so child or adult should ever have to experiance.
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