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The funds will be used for GFCF diet, biomedical treatment, autism therapies and if possible a hyperbaric oxygen chamber or therapy.

Autism effects 1 in about 100 children. Although there is no cure, Autism is treatable with diet, biomedical treatment and many different therapies.

Jamie has Autism and this is his story.

Jamie was born December 6, 2005. Two weeks past his due date, via emergency c-section. The umbilical cord was wrapped around him. He was was born with a birth defect, Craniosynostosis, where the sutures close too early. Other than that he was a happy and healthy baby, meeting all of his milestones on time. At six months old, he had craniofacial surgery to correct the problem. After the surgery, Jamie continued to meet his milestones on time. At age one he did speak a few basic words and even spoke two words at the same time quite often. Between the ages of 15 and 18 months old, Jamie became sick with rota virus. For four very long days, Jamie did nothing but lay in bed. Following the sickness, he received six vaccinations. Within a month, we knew something was different. Jamie started changing, acting very strange, as if he was in his own world. It wasn't until age two, we realized it could be Autism and started doing something about it. Tennessee Early Intervention Services sent an E.I. to the house on a weekly basis, to do play therapy with him and help me with some behavior issues. Once he turned three years of age, he qualified for a special developmental preschool class, five days a week. Which he still attends today. After months of research and countless hours of reading endless Autism/Special Needs books, In December of 2009, we started Jamie on a gluten free diet. Within three weeks of having Jamie on the diet, he spoke his first sentence ever! I cannot begin to explain what I felt at that given moment. I don't know how long I cried that night, thankful to God for Jamie speaking to us for the first time.

At that point, I was going to try anything and everything to help him. So, we started seeing a DAN!(Defeat Autism Now!) Doctor in February of 2009. After many labs and tests, the results have shown Jamie to have heavy metal toxicity, Candida (yeast overgrowth), 28 food allergies/intolerances and many other issues, that we are working on. The doctor put Jamie on a strict gluten/casein free diet. About 10 supplements & 5 prescriptions. Within a couple of months, Jamie was doing so much better. Jamie was officially diagnosed with Autism at the age of four. It has been one year since we have started doing biomedical treatment. Jamie now detoxes in a far infrared sauna, he is still on the GFCF diet and taking 11 supplements and 3 prescriptions on a daily basis. He also receives occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and I am hoping to start ABA therapy after the new year.

Just to give you an idea of what it was like with Jamie before any treatment, here are a few things he was experiencing before (some still experiencing now)....

18 months old: Became obsessive with wheels, cars & anything that would spin. Started having trouble sleeping. Became a very picky eater. Only said a handful of words, when told to. Became very repetitive with his behavior. Became carsick and still is to this day. Started having night terrors.

2-3 years of age: Decrease in smiling and eye contact. Seemed to be in his own world. Preferred to play alone. Repetitive speech, didn't respond to his name or much of anything. Extremely hyper. Started mouthing quietly to the walls and ceilings, as if he were having a conversation. Showed no concern for anything or anyone. Started hurting himself. Played with his toys by lining them up or spinning them. Would become irate when Grandpa would leave and wouldn't stop crying for hours. He became very obsessed with Grandpa. Jamie would cry numerous times a day for no known reason.

3-4 years of age: Behaviors became worse. Started using a picture book (PECS) to communicate. Ran in front of vehicles. Started special education preschool class.

4-5 years of age: Jamie started diet. Jamie started speaking! Jamie started referring to himself as Jamie instead of me or I. Jamie started biomedical treatment & more therapy.

Today, with treatment and therapy, Jamie is a very charming, funny and quirky little boy. He LOVES being the big brother to his two younger siblings. He enjoys playing with his school mates very much and is excited to start kindergarten next year. We still have trouble communicating and some behavior issues, but we are now able to take him with us on outings without worrying if he will run away.

Jamie has two younger siblings, a brother (3) and a sister (1). They are both also on the GFCF diet. His younger brother started speaking at about 12 months, repeating words from books and pictures. At around 18 months old he stopped talking. He has severe bloating issues (possible yeast overgrowth). He was tested for a developmental delay by the state. He qualified for weekly services. After a few sessions of play therapy, he started saying more and more words. After a few months, he was speaking three word sentences. After testing was done from the school system, he qualified for a special developmental class, four days a week. The school system also tested him for Autism. His results came back as "Most likely to have Autism". Although that is not an official diagnosis. It is enough for me to start the DAN! protocol with him as well.

Biomedical treatment, Autism therapy and GFCF food cost us about $4-5,000 per month.

December was the first month we were unable to buy all of the supplements and food items, my kids have needed. Here is an opportunity to pay it forward, to two little boys who deserves a chance to live a "typical" life. Though Autism is not a life or death disorder, children who remain untreated still suffer with it and they deserve a chance to be happy and healthy.

Thank You and God Bless!
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