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All donations go for medical treatment, and I cannot thank all of you on Givingforward enough. Bruce

My name is Bruce, I am 30 years old, and a very proud husband and father. I worked as the manager of a local car company, and can't thank them enough for thier support. I also buy and sell coins from my home, a hobby of mine that I really just love to do. I also am very lucky to have the best wife a man could ask for, she is thier 24/7 with me, and is my best friend in the world, so hunny if your reading this, I love you, always. Me and Kate been married alittle over two years now, and we have a awesome son, named David. This little guy is keeping me busy now that I'm home a lot more, he is a star wars kid, loves legos, typical 8 year old. I have never openly asked for finacial support for anything, I have always been a hard worker. This is hard for me to write about, and ill try to keep the story to the point and explain why I have joined givingforward. I have a pretty rarer cancer, its effecting my vision, and I am being fitted for a glass eye. My left eye will be removed on may 30th, and I am so scared, even talking about it, just really scares me. The vision in my eye is poor, but I still can and do see pretty well, it helps the balance and you really notice how both eyes work together, try walking with one eye closed, its harder then you think. So seeing alittle helps so much more, I'm honestly scared for once in my life. I always been healthy with no operations, still have my tonsils and everything I been born with. I never get sick from colds or bugs, so when I began to see almost double and having headache all the time, I started to worry, when my doctor, told me that I have cancer, it was so shocking, I never thought even for a second it could be this bad. My wife took it even harder then me, and I still have to tell her everyday I am going to he ok. I have been through hell with treatments, don't even want to go there, when you loose all your hair and teeth feel strange and ache. What's strange is my cancer is actually not going to kill me anytime soon, it effected my eyes, and one is going to be lost, but I still have my right eye, and that's why I am here. My insurance will only cover nessarray insurance, and it don't cover much, I don't work at the car lot anymore, because of my vision, so working from home and paying insurance, then paying half myself, has exausted my life. I cannot afford anymore. And I need medicine, treatments, and surgery to save my other eye, and right now I'm at just a loss for words, I cannot tell you how hard this is on me, and for me, and I do need help badly. Any one who reads this, thank you for even taking the time and for all your support and help, every single dollar donated will help treat me and take a tremendous burden off my family who right now feels helpless and hurt, I tell them all the time, everything will work out with this, and my wife knows I'm never going away... Lol... I can see how much this has drained my family, but thier loyalty and support goes beyond words. So many people are helping us try to raise $200,000 to help pay a lot of medical debt, and future treatments, operations, medications, I love the hospital and the staff, but they killed,me finacially, and life shouldn't be like that. I am lucky to be close enough to baystate medical, thier care is beyond great, they are incredable. We, my wife had no idea that we could raise donations ourselves, and decided to try this website, its the only site you can find our fundraiser, so I'm hoping to get enough support to reach our goal. God bless all of you, even if you decide not to donate here. Like I said me and my family don't know to expect any support on a web site, but I wanted to reach out, to show everyone that together, we all could help eachother. For every $1000.00 raised, $40 will be sent to other medical fundraisers right here on Givingforward.
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