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Hi everyone,

I have a dream of a tubal reversal.


I Have been try to hide everything that is going on it is hard to talk about. I will do my best to tell you.

After the birth of Aria I had a tubal ligation. There have been alots of problems ever since. I was about 26 weeks pregant with Aria and starting to have pregancy problems. As a standard question when you go in to Labor is are you havig a tubal. WE said no. After many trips to the er with labor pains we said yes to a tubal. haveing had 2 preterm births and what looked like anther soon to happen we were worried we could never have a healthy fulltrem baby. When i told the doctor yes we want a tubal they said sgin this. So i did and that was it. They never told me about risks or side effects (Our ob nurse seemed happy we were getting a tubal.We feel like there was a lot of preusre to get it done.)

The day after Aria was born i was down in pre op and i was so tired I couldn't stay awake. I wanted to back out of the tubal. Even then i was feeling like everyone wanted me to do this so i better. I told John I would do it i better keep my word. ( I know now that he wanted what ever i wanted). They took me back to the operation room and started to get me ready to be put to sleep. ( i was almost asleep because i was so tired) I remeber telling them to stop i don't want to do this ( I think i was saying it in my head because they did not stop). I woke up in recovery crying I was in more pain than i had ever been in and i knew they did the tubal. I could hear the nurses talking. And one nurse asked " why is she crying?" the other said I don't know, she just had a baby." When i was really crying in pain. Pain form the tubal and pain because i knew it was to late to speek up and have the NOT do the tubal. This is a night mare i live over and over again.

All may problems started after that. I cry everyday. So of the littlest things make me cry. Most tv show i now cry, Disney chanel makes me cry. Hearing the wedding entrace song make me cry.

I live my life with many symptoms


Mood swings,

sudden tears,

Loss of libido,

Crashing fatigue,


Itchy/crawly skin,

Aching/ sore joints, muscles and tendons,


Sudden bouts of bloat,

Hair loss and thinning,

and many more.

At first we thought it was just from having a baby and breastfeed but we later learn it was form post tubal ligation syndrome. (PTLS)

I have been seeing many doctor with many diffrent areas of study and no one can make a the problems go away with out living on many med for who knows how long. ( then i would need to live with there side effects) After talking with many other women with ptls we have learned that a Tubal reversal will help with many or all my troblems.

Many women get releif right away. The bad thing is the it is not covered by any inurence. It is going to cost us $6400 plus travel and hotel. But if it helps to make life live able agian it is worth every penny.

Living this way is not only hard for me but it is hard for John and the kids. John has done a great job helping me to get through this but he to is ready to have his wife back and i am sure the kids want there old mommy back.

Please if you can help us with geting a tubal reversal I would mean alot to us.

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