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Dear Family & Friends,

This is Nikki, Charlie's wife. I'm sorry to have kept you all waiting so long with updates on Charlie. It's been very rough going. Charlie came home for one night last week before having to return to Reston Hospital. He's unable to keep food in as well as the side effects that the radiation has caused him.

Charlie has lost leg function and has increased pain in his abdominal area. He received another CT scan the day before yesterday and today the doctor called me to tell me that Charlie's cancer has spread to his abdomen and to his liver.

Charlie, himself, has now requested hospice care. While he is still somewhat alert, he has constant pain and nausea and has specifically stated that he does NOT want visitors.

I apologize for leaving this kind of message here and on our fundraiser page. It was at Charlie's request that I do so. I am crying non stop so no one would have understood me on the phone.

Tomorrow (Nov. 2), the process will begin to start hospice arrangements. He has asked me to keep our fundraiser going because at this point, the fundraiser is mainly for me and the wonderful children that Charlie gave me.

Love always,

Nikki Lawing

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