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I'm hoping to raise money to help my family pay off the debt we have because of my extremely rare autoimmautoimmune disease.

Six years ago I was diagnosed with an extremely rare (1 in 3million) autoimmune disease called Relapsing Polychondritis or RP. This awful disease destroys all of the cartilage and cartilage proteins in the body. It's a very painful, destructive disease and mine is particularly aggressive. I have spent the last 6yrs in and out of the ER and hospital for anything from low potassium to excessive blood loss and blood clots in my lungs. I usually have doctors (all specialists) appointments 2 to 3 times a week and usually more than one doctor a day. My prescriptions are crazy! I have to take 23 different medications everyday, 19 just to start the day, and give myself 5 shots. Prescriptions range from $2 to $125 each every 30 days. 6yrs of this has left us buried in medical debt. My husband works up to 7days a week and 12hrs a day and I'm collecting disability but thats not much of a contribution. Every month we have to put off paying medical bills so we can eat and keep our home. My husband can't work any more and my check won't get any bigger. That is why I've decided to reach out and ask for your help.

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