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Wise beyond his years, generous beyond words, and rich in character and heart, Ethan needs us now more than ever.

On July 12, 2012, our 17 year old son Ethan suffered a traumatic penetrating brain injury.  Over the course of the next few hours & days we were told that he would not survive.  That if he did somehow manage to live he would not ever be himself again.  They tried to prepare us for the worst possible outcomes, but we had something more powerful on our side.

By God's grace, Ethan has not only survived, he is thriving.  He spent 2 weeks in the ICU on the edge of life & death.  He spent the next 3 months at a pediatric rehab hospital working hard to regain his abilities to walk, use of his extremities and facial muscles.  He maintains a positive out look and knows that one day he soon he will be fully restored.  He is a staff favorite due to his humor, wit and willingness to do whatever it takes.  He is currently attending a day rehab program to further his physcial, occupational and speech therapies.  They will focus on physical aptitude and mental acuity to prepare him for return to regular life.  The money raised by this effort will help Ethan get the ongoing support he will need over the next couple of years. His medical coverage is limited and frankly, with a mission such as his he deserves more.

God has a plan for this very special, enlightened young man.  Last year Ethan wrote an essay as he prepped for his college applications. The assignment was to write about how he would change the world through his work. At 16, he wrote about "Quantum Religion". He believes that we can bridge the gap between science and religion and that the two can co-exist, they can explain what each other can't. He wrote that science explains "how" we got here, while religions tells us "where" we're headed. At 16 (or 40), these thoughts are complex, intricate, elaborate and Ethan with his soft heart struggled to process these emotions and thoughts.  Pelase read his essay below and help spread the word about this page!  Any amount is appreciated and we are humbly grateful for your love and generosity. 

Quantum Religion by Ethan Hebard

It was after an arduous day that I discovered what I wanted to do in life. I was reading a book on Quantum Mechanics when my father came in and asked what I was reading. I told him a very brief description and it did not please him that I was reading on such a thing. To him, such a controversial school of science was not befitting for the son of a religious family. For him, I should invest my time in labor jobs to go to college and study something more conventional.

To humor him, I took a job cleaning boats and boating accessories and I detested it. Was there a benefit to human society like finding alternate energy sources cleaning the inside of a sailboat? As aggravated as I was, it fueled my desire to further my understanding of the Quantum world even more. When I got home after a day cleaning boats, I retrieved that book again and waltzed into the living room to read it. My father did not bother me again.

It’s the little things like sweating in the deck of a sail boat and reading books on subjects your family doesn’t approve of that makes me want to succeed. It is human nature to want what you cant have and the prospect of getting what you shouldn’t have is even more tantalizing. In addition to wanting to revolutionize the nuclear energy district, I want to bridge the gap between leading science and religion. To me, they can coexist if not explain what each other can’t. Science can explain how we got here and religion has the potential to explain where we are headed. Why that is so difficult to grasp, I cannot fathom. I truly do not believe that any of us should be enemies. Relativity will show that nothing is good or bad and all of it is perspective. A lightening bolt can be explained as an atmospherically phenomenon or an act of God. What you call it does not change what it is and that simple truth is what I intent to spread over all aspects of science.

When my calling, coincidence or divine, came to me, I decided to pursure it. The Quantum world has held my attention as keenly as the Bible holds the priest or the hammer holds the carpenter. Being a believer and holding the pen that scribes the next paper on Quantum Physics matters not. We are all human beings, products of creation or evolution and I am taking it as my personal mission to unite us under the banner of respect for our fellow man. If all I were to succeed in even getting but one other to see the futility in this division of science and religion, I would be content.

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