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This is to help offset the medical costs. The funds will be used so I can afford to provide for my 3 month old daughter.

Hi my name is Alana Morrison. I am 24 years old and I have a 3 month old daughter. I would love to be able to give my daughter all that she needs an sometimes more but I am barely able to afford formula or diapers, luckily my mom is able to help some.

My medical problems started on April 18, 2011, the day I found out I was pregnant. It was also the day I found out my left kidney stopped draining. I was in the hospital for a week and then they put in a stent to help it out. They told me that it was most likley caused by the baby pressing on the ureter an when I have her it will go away.

One week after my stent was placed I was rushed to the emergency room with breathing problems, I later found out I had a pulmonary embolism in my left lung ( or about 15 blood clots ). The doctor told me if I didn't come in when I did I probably would have died within the next 6-8 hours. Once again I was in the hospital for a week.

For the duration of my pregnancy I spent most of my time running back and forth visiting five different specialist. On January 16, 2012 I delivered my beautiful and healthy daughter with no complications.

One month later I went to my urologist to talk about getting my stent removed and he said x-rays show a golfball size stone on the end of the stent so he will have to surgically remove it and when he does he will do one more test to make sure everything went back to normal. When I got out of surgery the doctor told me he had to put another stent in because I have what is called urinary pelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction and that is why my kidney is swollen an will not drain. I had to get one more test ,a nuclear meds scan, to see what the overall kidney function is. This test will reveal what kind of surgery I need to fix the problem. At this piont I was thinking they will go in an clean out the obstruction an I will be all better. That turns out not to be the case. the nuclear scan showed that my left kidney function is 18% and my right is 82%. my right kidney is having to work over time an also has a small UPJ obstruction.

On April 17th 2012 I talked to the urologist about the plan of action. He told me that usually with a kidney that has less than 20% function they will just remove it, but since I am young they will give me the option to try an save the kidney by cleaning up the scar tissue an hopefully bring the kidney function to 25% so it will assist the right kidney an hopefully I wont need dialisis in the future.Or I can just go ahead an take out the kidney and hope I dont become diabetic or have blood presure when I am older or I will have to have dialisis. I have chosen to try an save the kidney as much as possible and hopefully the surgery will be sucsessful and I don't have to have it removed later.

My surgery is scheduled for April 24th. the unfortunate thing is no matter which surgery I chose I will not be able to play any sports, horse back rideing, and if my angel wants to learn how to play sports I will not be able to participate. I can't risk damaging the one good kidney. As of right now I can barley able to pick up my baby to feed or change her. My mom does it most of the time and for a month after surgery I can't hold her at all. It can make a mother feel really bad when she can not hold her own child. I am praying this will work so I can get back to a some what normal life. I hope to be able to hold my lil girl again an feel like her mother.

The other unfortunate thing to come with all of my medical problems is even though I have great medical insurance, the hospital an doctors fees are still astronomical. What little pay I get from my long term disability goes to co-pays, and medications. Sometimes I wont get my pain meds because I know I could use the money for diapers an baby clothes. and that if the disability company wants to pay me that month. Most of the time I have to depend on my mom to provide for my lil angel. I appreciate any kind of donation even if it is just a prayer that one day I will be able to provide and be a great mother.

Alana Morrison
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