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We're trying to raise funds so I am able to get a Service Dog to become more independent in life

I am a young woman and I am disabled and NEED to raise money so I can get a Service Dog to assist me to become more independent in life I am in need of a Service Dog to be able to get through life on a day to day basis, things you take for granted are VERY difficult for me. Such as Walking and climbing up and down stairs, having a Service Dog will assist me in doing these things. The dog will help keep me from loosing my balance while walking and going up and down a flight of stairs, will also help me with getting up off the floor this is AKA Bracing. I also have a VERY hard time going into public places alone, I also suffer from Seizures,PTSD, Anxiety,Panic attacks Social Phobia and Agoraphobia as well. All these things make life rather hard for me. Having a Service Dog I will be able to do the things I use to and like to do with out any worries, I'd like to get my life back the way it use to be and be more independent. My hope is to be able to start working again, PLEASE have a heart and help me to be able to get a Service Dog so I can lead a more independent and functional life again. I have a dog in mind already. PLEASE help me get a Service Dog ASAP so it can help me, on the evening of 11-7-10 I lost my balance and fell on the HOT wood stove here, on 11-6-10 I lost my balance in the yard and had to wait an hour because I can't get up without help. Mom finally came out to find out where I was, neither of these 2 things will happen again with a Service Dog. Sometimes I forget I have poor balance and can't be near the wood stove like I could years ago with no problem, a dog can be taught to prevent this by 1. pulling me away from dangerous things or stepping in between myself and that object or situation, I need a TALL LARGE dog to be able to help me with Mobility. PLEASE DONATE today so I will be able to get a dog to hopefully become my Service Dog and get back my independence and maybe eventually be able to go back to working again too. No Service Dog Schools, I have my reasons for this and really don't need to explain why. I have a 6 month old pup located in MA in mind, He's already 54lbs and will be HUGE when full grown
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