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On July 13th, 2012 My "WHOLE" Life Changed #BREASTCANCER

A girlfriend of mine contacted me after hearing I was suffering from breast cancer. She wanted me to set up a site and ask for donations, etc because "CANCER" is expensive. I was ashamed and a bit prideful because I have worked since the age of 13 and have been in business for myself for over 15 years. So, I did not...

My skills and talents could no longer sustain me. For every job and project I was on, I had no choice but to turn down because of the rapid tumor that began growing in my breast. To name a few, I am an incorporating specialist, a musician, singer, songwriter, web designer, inspirational speaker and so on. These gifts that God graced me with were no longer able to sustain me because "CANCER" shut me down and rearranged my "WHOLE" life!

My girlfriend says make a list Kesha. Things you will need. Set up the website. But to be honest, I didn't know what I was going to need and I felt like I was begging. Even though I had great support and great advice of what to expect. Nothing prepares you for "CANCER"... NOTHING!!!!!!

My girlfriend says that if George Zimmerman who murdered a boy in cold blood can raise over $200,000 in days, surely a child of God can get the support and resources she needs to sustain her... thanks Minister Kimberely Mays Saulsberry...

This fundraiser is being posted to help me with medical expenses and cost of living. Do I need more than $5,000??? Yes, but I just want to take care of my immediated needs and pray that as I continue my process with this fight with cancer that I will be able to return to work very soon... You may not be able to help financially but I am asking you to reach out to your friends and family to contribute if possible as I continue my journey...

Some of you may be uncomfortable giving online. This is a secure sight however, I understand and if you want. You can money gram me your donation or deposite it directly into my checking account.

Your reading this now because I realized my girlfriend is correct and I should of did this sooner but I need the help of my friends and family financially at this time. I'm very independent, probably too independent but I realize I can "NOT" fight "CANCER" and battle the pressure I am facing financially alone. I have been unable to work for the past five months.

What Happened???

My story is a simple read but to experience it and still go thru it is truely unexplainable at times. June 16, 2012, I had a birthday party for my Princess at Chuck-E-Cheese. I realized that it was getting more difficult to put my bra on... My left breast began growing and got very swolen. The texture changed to that of an orange peel. I wore 54 N bra, how was I not able to fit my customized bra any longer?

I went to Pomona Valley ER, they immediately rushed me in for an ultra sound, following a mammogram which was my first. I was only 37. After that, immediately I had a biopsy. That word alone scared the hell out of me and I was there alone. But God gave me some "ANGELS" in that room. Dr. Lightfoot who I am in contact with today and Char a christian, caucasion nurse. Our connection was so great that she volunteered to watch my daughter on weekends as I go thru treatment.

When she said "TREATMENT" I new I was in trouble. July 13, 2012 I was told after recieving my pathology report that I had breast cancer. I was then reffered to an awesome Oncologist to oversee my chemo treatment. When she saw me. This tiny Indian woman fought back the tears as she examined a breast that had grown from 15 pounds the day of diagnosis to 50 pounds and no one could explain why.

She says you have a progressive type of cancer and we can not figure out why it is growing so rapidly. She said, your whole breast will need to be removed. I didn't know wether to scream or cry. I just sat in silence in her office.

When my Godmother and I got to the car, I just broke down. Cancer okay I got it, let's deal with it. My breast needs to be removed, okay it has't to go. But CHEMOTHERAPY too????? Why God?????Am I being PUNK'D??? Is this a freakin joke??? I was so confused... What did I do wrong? Is this a punishement?

I was not good for a day or so but then I embrace my journey with God, my family, friends, and associates. I heard God say," Your LIFE is in my hands... I became homebound and that hurt me the worse. I hate to be still. I couldn't wear a bra, go to church, the store or the bank. To walk anywhere was torture. No more outings with my daughter, group, or band. Sitting down my left breast grew down to the end of my left knee. PAINFUL, PAINFUL, PAINFUL!!!

I was turned down by several doctors who were scared of the breast because of the size and scared of the unexplainable cancer in my body. Then on the day of surgery, I had a huge ball under my left arm. It was the size of a baseball. It hurt worst than my breast. My lympnodes seperated and formed into a large mass under my arm. They had to be removed.

October 9, 2012 was the day of surgery. A man by the name of Dr. Thomas Vanderlann agreed to do my surgery. Oh my goodness... That day I had so much "JOY" because the burden I had been carrying was going to be removed! My surgery was AWESOME! I recovered better than everyone expected including my doctor. My surgery was at Verdugo Hills Hospital in Glendale, Ca and they treated my like a queen the four days I was there...

I went home with two drainage tubes that were stiched into my sides. They slipped, began leaking so they were removed. Although removed I still have fluid that is drained out of my side every other day. I love Dr, Vanderlann. he is awesome and helping my recovery process go smoothly.

What's Next??? Preparing for chemotherapy... I still struggle with it! I don't want it at all but I'm told it's necessary and will be essential to the longevity of my life. I have a seven year old princess I am fighting to live for... I stand on this with assurance...

With "GOD" all things are "POSSIBLE"...

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Vanderlann
Pasadena, CA
Hospital: Verdugo Hills
Glendale, CA
Oncologist: Dr. Gargi-Wilshire Oncology Covina, CA
Radiologist" Dr. Lightfoot (Pomona Valley)
Pomona, CA

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