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I want to do what I can to help. By raising money we can ease their mind alitle bit. Make it so they can focus on her and not work.

Back in October of 2011, Sienna, 13 months,  ran an outrageously high fever for days, with no other strong symptoms. She was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection, which we later found out was a kidney infection.  Treated with anti-biotic she got better. Then earlier this spring, she ran another unbreakable high fever - reaching a temp as high as 105. They were so scared. They knew it was another Kidney Infection! Once diagnosed, the anti-biotic made her throw-up any possible liquids they could get in her. She was in the ER overnight, and thanks to modern medicine - they were able to nurse her back to health.  

Doctors, Mom and Dad knew there must be an underlying problem. Staff at the Radiology Department at Primary's did a VCUG. She was diagnosed with Kidney  Reflux. Reflux is rated on a severity level from, 1 being fixable, and 5 being Severe. She has Level 2 Reflux on her right side and Level 5 on her left. She also has an extra ureter! This will effect her for life.

The biggest concerns are that she may experience some kidney damage. Her left kidney has retained so much liquid, over time, that it is much larger than her right. This dilation can lead to kidney disease. Doctors performed surgery to correct the problem on June 8th. She was expected to be at Primary's for 3 to 5 days, and then come home with ureteral stent tubes. Once home she ran a high fever again putting her back at Primary's to discover Sienna's bladder ripped & was leaking fluids into her body. While there she wouldn't eat or drink, they said her hunger cues had completely disappeared. She caught parainfluenza-3 and almost had to get a feeding tube through her nose. After a few days they believed to have the fluid under control so they released her only to be back a few days later. Currently Her white blood cell count is through the roof, she has a bacterial bladder infection, bladder spasms caused by her catheter & they are testing to make sure the bacteria hasn't spread to her blood. 
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