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Please help my little boy attend a SOS Feeding Program that asseses/treats children with feeding and weight difficulties.

Braden was born on May 12, 2007. Before he even reached his second birthday he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (a form of autism), Sensory Processing Disorder, an Expressive Language Delay, Static Encephalopathy with speech and language, motor, and sensory dysfunction, Anemia and showed OCD tendencies.

In addition Braden suffered from severe food allergies/sensitivities. Along with foods he was prohibited from eating because of such allergies/sensitivities he first was put on a GFDF diet and more recently on a strict SCD Diet. Braden suffered from numerous sleep abnormalities including sleep apnea, periodic limb movements, limb associated arousals, sleep stage/arousal dysfunction and an “Alpha-Delta” sleep pattern. Braden also had numerous oral motor/feeding issues, vitamin deficiencies, an ongoing yeast condition, heavy metals toxicity, mold toxicity and gastro-intestinal problems as well including diarrhea/constipation.

Thankfully I was successful in being able to breastfeed Braden throughout his infancy and toddlerhood as well because he was not capable of eating any sort of solid food whatsoever until he reached 9 months of age and even then his capabilities were excrutiatingly limited in comparison to his need for proper development. This condition has only worsened as he has gotten older slowly expanding into other related issues.

Braden exhibits poor oral motor control and oral sensitivities which is impacting feeding skills and willlingness to eat a varied diet containing different textures resulting in a low caloric intake and making mealtimes extremely challenging for both Braden and the rest of us as well.

With his lack of fine motor skills and processing skills associated with fine motor planning he continues to have major problems using utensils, wanting to self feed, self feeding without making a major mess of himself and the area around him, spilling his food, not being able to hold up a glass straight without tipping it over and not even being aware of the fact that it is tipping or spilling. Because of his lack of self regulation he is also incapable of sitting down in order to eat making it necessary to often feed him or else risk him not eating at all. With the vitamin deficiencies and anemic levels he has not eating is not an option for Braden.

I have multiple times tried to address some of my son's oral motor dysfunction and to determine if there is any additional medical under-development going on in his mouth, jaw, throat etc. and have unfortunately not been able to do so. No facility to date has been able to get enough cooperation from Braden in order to be successful in an evaluation and/or to administer treatment.

Eventually I realized it was necessary to seek help and guidance from the one facility/doctor in the country that could help us. Dr. Kay Toomey, a pediatric psychologist who has worked with children who don't eat for nearly 20 years of STAR Center located in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She is the developer of the highly effective, family-centered SOS Approach to Feeding in successful use worldwide to access and treat children with feeding problems.

So beginning two years ago I began the planning, scheduling and saving for such an endeavor which ultimately would involve us staying in Colorado for minimally two months in order to successfully complete the entire program with the utmost chance of success. In my planning I neglected to take into consideration the toll that Braden's condition and the expenses associated with those conditions were taking on my marriage so when this past April came and Braden's father and I formally divorced I was faced with the realization that I may not be able to finish putting this together.

I am now a single parent of a little boy with a ton of developmental challenges, I have had zero income since Braden was born because of having no choice but to take care of him, I have exhausted every single asset I ever had in order to continue to pay for services for Braden, and was awarded sole custody, both legal and physical of our son so have complete financial responsibility for all his medical expenses.

I honestly do not know how I have done it but I am only a few thousand dollars away from being able to make this endeavour happen for my son. Braden so needs this program and quite frankly he deserves it. He deserves this and so much more then I will ever be able to give him. So much has gone into the planning of this trip that if it has to be cancelled I fear I will not be able to pull off such an endeavor down the road which would result in most likely lifelong consequences for my little boy.

I pray everyday that someday I will watch my son laughing and sitting around a table of friends sharing cake and ice cream at a birthday party instead of him huddled under the table, throwing his fork across the room in fear not wanting a single bite. And I cry every night fearing that I cannot make that wish for Braden come true. Please help me! Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. From a mother who will be indebted to each and every one of you for any compassion you are able to bestoy upon us I want to in advance say thank you.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a family representative please feel free to call: Kimberly Ann Demetropoulos at 413-584-1293 or email at

If you would prefer to mail a check donation you may do so by sending it to the attention of:

Braden Roy Derouin
15 Hawley Street, Unit 304
Northampton, MA 01060

God Bless all of you and your families.
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