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My wife and I are expecting our first (surprise) child this spring!

Woohoo! We are very excited, yet financially not prepared. Along with the baby, we are preparing to move back to the Seattle area from California, to be closer to family and be in an area we love. Typically, we work hard to sustain ourselves, but with a big move, a baby, and finding new jobs, we are finding ourselves in need of help. That's hard to admit.

Our primary needs for donations are for medical costs involving the baby ($5,000), purchasing a "new" vehicle for our family ($8,000)(ours are not suitable, and will be sold to help our costs)), and living costs while we relocate ($6,000 for 4-6 months). Our goal is $19,000. Trust me, we are working hard to save as much as possible. We are renting rooms out of our home, selling anything not needed, and working hard before we move. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated in any amount. This is not enough space to fully describe our situation, feel free to ask questions.

19k is a huge amount, and it is very humbling to ask for so much help. Some people may not be happy or disagree that we would ask for so much, but this is what we feel led to do. Being vulnerable with our friends and family. Lastly, if you could share this, we would really appreciate it! Thanks!
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