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Family/friends of Drew Albritton are uniting to raise money to help alleviate the financial burden & cost of medical/living expenses.

Hello, All. I just wanted to let everyone know some updates on our favorite little hero, Drew Albritton. Drew is back in the hospital. He is in the ICU at Mercy because he caught another bad infection. The little guy has spent 20 nights in the hospital since July 28th, (that is more time in the hospital than at his own home since finding out this terrible news). Drew has 4 more rounds of chemo, a stem cell extraction next week, his main surgery in November (then a 2+ week stay in the hospital - which is unfortunately the same time Elizabeth is due to give birth to their daughter), stem cell transplant, and then radiation treatments. With that said, some good news is his first round of chemo shrunk the tumor by about 30%! Mike has already missed 7 days of school and Elizabeth has missed 10. Elizabeth is already borrowing sick days from her limited school district's sick bank, and Mike will soon be as well. Which simply means by Christmas time they will both be getting "docked" every day they miss school! So, friends and family of Drew, I ask you this: If all of us that have donated (192 people) share this story with somebody new and then they donate just $25, then we will reach our amazing goal of $20,000! Just $25 a person! You guys have amazed me with your awesome generosity, but I ask you guys not to stop. Think of the long journal that is still ahead of Drew, Mike, and Elizabeth. We have about 50 hours before this is over. Finally, Mike and Elizabeth wanted me to tell everyone this, "Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!"

Drew was diagnosed with neuroblastoma (a rare form cancer found in 1 in 100,000 children) on July 29th, 2012. Drew’s family and friends were devastated when they found out that the little guy as a malignant tumor in his chest that is touching his spinal cord. “Drewby” has already been in the hospital for 10 days. As you can imagine, he has endured a lot. However, Drew’s road to recovery is only beginning. Drew will have to have blood work done twice a week, along with 5 more rounds of chemotherapy. The future holds major surgery, bone marrow transplant and radiation treatments for him. There will also be a guaranteed 4 consecutive week stay in the hospital. Mike and Elizabeth (who teach and work at Fort Zumwalt and Francis Howell respectfully) are Drew’s parents and they are obviously worried about Drew. However the financial burden is the last thing on their minds. Whatever these two wonderful parents have to do to help their little buddy be comfortable is exactly what they are going to do, at all cost. Not only is Elizabeth 6 months pregnant, she is also uncertain about going back to work. Mike and Elizabeth, who are both in education, will certainly be dealing with dock days throughout this whole process. The heart ache that this has caused is unfathomable for most, and the expenses that they will encounter are simply going to be immense. The money donated will be used in several different ways. Medical expenses as well as simple living expenses will be the main purpose for the donations. Please keep Drew, Mike and Elizabeth in your prayers. They need all the support and prayers they can get to help them stay strong through this difficult time.

If you have any questions or suggestions please email Russ Hill (friend of the family) at

If you want to send a donation by mail, please send checks to:

Drew Albritton
1044 Golden Orchard Dr.
O’Fallon, MO 63368

All your generous contributions, thoughts, and prayers will be greatly appreciated!
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