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Sasha The BeLoved Beagle In search of Some Help with Removing Her 2 Huge bladder stones.

Sasha The BeLoved Beagle In search of Some Help with Removing Her 2 Huge bladder Stones.


"Hello (GiveForward)
My name is Sasha, I am a Beagle/Bluetick Beagle.
I am a Great Healthy Mid aged Pup, I love all Animals and People The same.
I am In need of Help, I was Just at the Doc. Today and got bad news:( I was Given X-Rays and Was Told i Have 2 big bladder stones, Bigger then fifty Cent piece, Takes up most of my bladder.
My Owners are Great Animal loving People Also, Just we Recently moved And they are low on Money. They were Denied CareCard. Here is a Copy of what i need, I have Extreme Pain while trying to Urinate."

This is my Pet Sasha, Yes Bad news has came today. The infection cleared up but The Xrays Won't lie.
They are really big and They don't even want to try to Give her the Dog Food that dissolves it. They were almost the size of her bladder it self, I am just In need of some help to raise Funds for the Payment.
They also found a lump on her belly so i need that removed and inspected.
I hope she Gets threw all this, The whole family loves her so much. It would be Very hard loosing her.
I am new here i have no idea how to even start this, So i have no idea how to get the funds.
I can set up a personal payment arrangement to Pay it all back if its one donation.
Or My address is 9 THomas st, Mifflinburg PA 17844
My name is Weston Dewalt, Age 24.
Daughter 6 years old. Name of Juaniece Nikeyah and also her mother.
Thanks to anyone that can Possibly Help Me out, I am in need of help, This is hurting me so bad Each minute that goes by.
I feel so sorry for her.

The Estimate says i will need around $1,353 to $1,500.
I need this done ASAP, I feel so bad for her.
Just the last to vet bills Broke the bank, And now its Paycheck to Paycheck.
Not looking for the whole Amount, Just a Little Booster to get it started, I Will take the next Paycheck and Use it All No problem.

Just thought i would share, And i pray for her, My daughter Just doesnt understand and is so sad.

Thanks Again, Any info with help with any Place that helps With Bills also Is greatly appreciated
Here is a pic of What she needs done.
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