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Thank you so much. Please help SPREAD THE WORD. THANK YOU ALWAYS, Harley =^.^=

In May 2012 we purchased a purebred kitten from Heartfelt Bengals in Rio Linda, California. The kitten we got came to us with the name of Sage. We decided to rename him Harley. The first night Harley did not use the litter box. The next morning, he acted as if he really needed to go and was doing the potty dance; he went next to my bed meowing and pushed out a stool that was half hard and half mucus and blood. The hard part resembled what looked like a butt plug to constipate him until the 72 hour period was up. Since then Harley has had nothing but chronic diarrhea. We informed the breeder, she contacted us back and told us that she knew what it was and had medication that he needed. When I got there with him I explained to her that he infected our other kitten that came down with mucus/blood diarrhea this day we were at our breeder’s home getting the medication, so she gave us medication for our other kitten as well. I asked her what the medication was for and she told me an internal parasite that his mother gave to him, in which another kitten of the litter got as well. Later on in the week after this we returned to the breeder’s home because we were upset that she gave us a kitten with parasites that infected our other kitten. She told us it was not her problem. We later on fund out that she has multiple cases of Coccidosis and Tritrichomonas Foetus (TF) in her cattery. We ended up taking him to the vet and had him tested for Gardia and Coccidosis. Harley ended up coming back Coccidosis positive. He was put on Albon, in which was put into remission. His chronic diarrhea still continues so we ended up putting him on a medication called Baycox that kills Coccidosis. Harley still to this day 3 months later has chronic diarrhea; we can’t afford more testing. My two children who are in preschool do not understand why their kitten is so sick. We are in fear that this is messing up is intestinal tract and causing injuries. He needs to be tested for TF, and he needs to be looked at by a vet for his bowels/ intestines and tested for more parasites. We do not understand why this is not going away; we are on top of it bleaching litter boxes, scooping every time he poops, quarentiene, I mean we are doing everything. We are so blessed to have our Harley, and we are so happy to have rescued him from there.
ANY small donation would help from anyone. PLEASE HELP US REACH OUR GOAL so we can get Harley tested and get Harley Healthy. We have NEVER seen Harley healthy before. We just want to give him a shot at a healthy life. We are in fear that we are going to take him to the vet and they are going to tell us it’s too late.
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