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Thanks to you, Rescued Readers is growing & will next be traveling in collaboration with Bessie Ellison School to stock a library in Uganda.

A word from Tammy:

In traveling to Africa, I had prepared myself for the lack of water, shoes and even proper facilities, but I had not prepared myself for their lack of books. My North American experiences had not prepared me to see children that didn’t have the world at their fingertips through the pages of a book. My heart was broken and at that moment a promise was made, a promise to bring the gift of literacy to the children of Africa.

So here is our vision:

Help us to make a connection…make a difference!

We are making classroom to classroom connections across continents through the sharing of literacy.

This is how it works:

A classroom from America collects books, connects and learns about another culture, all while demonstrating the value and importance of books and thus helping to instill a greater appreciation of books to our youngsters at home. Students will dust old books off of shelves and send them to us to be ‘rescued’. A small team will hand deliver these rescued books to a predetermined location in Africa, placing literature in the hands of children eagerly waiting to harness the power of literacy!

We envision books becoming a regular commodity, compared to being scarcely seen in even schools now. We would like for them to be viewed as less of a treasure and more of a natural part of their environment. Imagine them having enough books that some could…

”…get tattered, tucked in a pouch slung over a llama, kids could fall asleep with them, fall in love with them, take them to their school circle under the village tree and some would learn how to read them.”

Audrey Wood

Working with one small community at time allows us to, not only provide the books, but build relationships with the people in that community. This approach will help us change lives and enlighten hearts as we embark on changing a culture of literacy…one village at a time.
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