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Why is Linda running a half marathon? 1) great cause! 2) great course - across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge! 3) great personal challenge -- I have never been a runner! If not now, when? Please support me on September 19.

Why run a half marathon?
1) Great cause!
2) Great course - across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge!
3) Great personal challenge -- I have never been a runner!

More about why --

I joined the Board of the Alice Ferguson Foundation a year ago because of its mission -- "to provide experiences that encourage connections between people, the natural environment, farming, and the cultural heritage of the Potomac River watershed, leading to personal environmental responsibiity."

That sounds great, but in fact, these AFF folks are really doing something tangible that will help us all in the future -- almost 5,800 school kids attended on-site programs at the Hard Bargain Farm and teachers were trained, too.  AFF partners with the National Park Service to reach out to secondary school students -- over 6,200 went on field studies and there were also classroom visits, and again, teachers and rangers were trained in getting across environmental principles to kids. 

And then there is trash -- AFF organized over 13,500 volunteers at 505 cleanup sites and removed 291 tons of trash from the Potomac watershed -- this was the 21st year for the trash event.  These are only some of the activities -- learn more at 

Money you donate will be well used for programs that will help kids and adults understand that we really do need to take better care of our world and that our everyday actions and decisons really do have an impact.  AFF works effectively and efficiently.

So it is a worthy group doing wonderful and needed work, but what ever possessed me to sign up for a half marathon?  I am still working on the answer to that but here is what I have come up with so far:

1) AFF needs support for its programs -- government and foundation grants have certainly not been increasing, particularly for the general support needed to maintain buildings and hire and retain staff members.

2) AFF was chosen as one of the charities to benefit from this race, so It seemed logical to try to maximize our donations.

3) My gym routine, although I enjoy it, sometimes does seem to be a routine -- this race represents a big challenge, requiring a whole new level of training for me.

4) It seemed doable back in April when I signed up -- far away with lots of training time.  Now the time is fleeting -- and it is very hot!!!!

So I did my first race ever -- an 8K (about 5 miles)  in June with the 3 results that my half marathon training books say I should strive for -- finished upright, with a smile on my face, and wanting to do another race in the future.  And I actually came in first in my age group (disclosure -- I was the only one in my age group)!  But it was fun and gave me some hope that I can actually finish the 13.1 miles on September 19.  All I have to do is triple what I did then.  OMG!

I personally appreciate your support for my efforts -- all will certainly be motivating for me to finish.  And I assure you that your donations will be put to good use.  You can donate at this site, but please take a moment to look at and consider joining as a member, if you are not already!

And thank you, thank you, thank you -- I can almost see that finish line already!

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