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If you can help Danny this would be the best thing that has ever happened to him and in return we would like to send you a thank you card

I am setting up this campaign to let you know about my brother Danny and to share his testimony. My brother is going on 40yrs old and he has two little boys Danny Jr, and Tommy Geovanni. Due to the current circumstance of the way the economy has come down my brother has lost his job he used to be a electrical engineer by trade and used to make good money, now he is unemployeed with out even the state unemployment's help as those funds ran out two years ago. He has been struggling to raise his sons all alone because the mother had up and left to do her own thing leaving them with out her. Danny Jr is 8, and Tommy is now 7 years old. My brother Danny has taken care of them since they were infants all by him self, and I feel he is a great father one of the best I have ever seen, that is greatly needed for these boys . I believe they need their father longer than he may have.

Right now Danny has a screw in his ankle that hurts him all day as he walks, he needs dental work done, and he has a diese(cancer) of the liver that is progressivly getting worse and to top it off he also has a bullet in his knee from trying to save someones life that is leaking lead into his blood stream that can can kill him at any time. Danny has tried many options to get help but since he is unemployeed with no medical insurance no one wants to help him they keep turning him away
If we can raise the funds he needs it can help save his life and the life of his sons whom he is dearest to. Only god knows this mans struggle. He has done many great things in his life and is still helping people even though he can barely help him self. My brother Dan is a graduate of Peer1 through the University of Colorado Health and Science which has a 97% failure rate and only a 3% success rate. He GRADUATED with a business degree and believes strongly in education. I think it is time some one does something for him now, cause all he does is give, and give, and give I mean it when I say this man has a big heart for others! But the problem is that his liver is going to kill him if he dont get help real soon and getting this bullet removed so that he dont have it leaking into his blood is crucial.

We are looking to raise $5,000 to help keep him alive, and to pay for the surgery(s) Im sure he could use alot more than $5,000 but I feel this is a start. I really would like to see my older brother survive as he is my best friend and has been hurt in many aspects of life. I think he will have a better life if we can help he wont be so hurt all the time, and his sons wont have to see him this way or worse lose him. This man deservers help and not just because hes my brother but because he is a good human being with a BIG heart.
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