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The Family of Nathan Alvarado are uniting to raise money to help with expenses to a medical device called the Bioness L300 foot drop sysytem

My son,Nathan Alvarado is 8 years old,he has a mild case Cerebral Palsy,the doctors are trying to get him a medical device that is called the Bioness L300.The Bioness L300 foot drop system is designed to help people with certain neurological conditions walk more naturally with increased speed and improved balance.He has no movement in his left foot and can not wiggle his toes.The L300's advanced technology delivers programmed low level electrical stimulation to activate nerves and muscles that lift the foot,everytime his heel hits the ground,his foot will pick up for him.The Bioness will reeducate the muscles,assist with natural walking patterns,reduce muscle loss,maintain or improve range of motion,and increase local blood circulation.This machine is comfortable light weight cuff that will fit below the knee and contains electrodes which deliver stimulations.The gait sensor attaches to a shoe and lets the leg cuff know if your heel is on the ground or in the air.There is also a hand held remote control that lets you adjust the level of stimulation as needed.The system will deliver electical stimulation,which then will activate the muscle to lift the foot to take a step.This machine cost $6,820,it is not covered by insurances,and no payment plans,so that is why we are trying to raise money.We have had 2 other fundraisers and have raised 2,600 already.He will be getting machine at the end of March 2012 to try out for 30 days,so by the end of April we will need to purchase for him.I'm very proud of my son for what he has already accomplished in his life,he is a Big Inspiration in my life and others.We would appreciate any donation you could make.Thank You and God Bless!
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