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The purpose of this fundraiser is to help cover the veterinarian costs for the treatment to save the life of loving companion dog Jordon.

On April 20,2012 while enjoying a day outside with my dogs. While I was watching them a driver pulled into the driveway of my fathers property and accidentally struck my 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier Jordon running her over causing severe injuries to her. I immediately rushed her to the Local Veterinarian hospital. She was diagnosed with Severe de-gloving, a fractured pelvis and other trauma. She was given a grim prognosis before the Veterinarian even tried to sew up her injuries. They did sew her up but were not optimistic about her prognosis. I was torn up inside but had to try the best way I could to be humane to Jordon but also give her a chance to live. So I contacted Cornell University companion animal hospital in Ithaca NY to see if they could evaluate Jordon and do something to help save her life if that was possible. So I made arrangement to pick her up and transport her to Cornell University the day I picked her up from the local hospital I was presented with the first bill which was $806.00. Which I was not able to pay. I was able by gods grace and the financial support of family and friends to get enough money to make the 4 1/2 hour trip one way to get her to Cornell. She made the trip with me and for the first time since her accident she was drinking water for me and eating some of her favorite treats which she had refused for the 4 previous days. We arrived at Cornell University and Jordon was taken in to be examined right away. I nervously waited to see what the best Veterinarians in there field could possibly do to save her life. So what seemed like hours which was probably only 30 minutes. They talked to me and gave me very hopeful diagnosis for Jordon. I asked them. "Is this humane to save her to put her through this to save her life?" The Doctor replied not doing this would be inhumane. Jordon has an overwhelming desire to live and recover. Some dogs that go through this would want to give up. Not Jordon her tail wagged and her ears perked up. She has a long expensive road to recovery. The Estimate at Cornell University for her treatments and surgeries was estimated between $2500.00 and $4000.00. They needed a deposit of half of the high end of the estimate. Which I could not afford. Myself,family,friends tried applying for care credit to start the treatment process. Well we all got denied. Thankfully through the love of Cornell they agreed to start her treatment even though I had no money at all to pay anything. Jordon was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Cornell. The next day she had surgery to remove some dead skin and clean out the wounds which had a great amount of stone dust from the driveway under her skin. Thankfully the infection had not spread to far. They examined her for neurological damage which the first veterinarian believed she had and thought she was paralyzed in her hind legs and bowl functions. Thankfully upon further examination she was found to have feeling in all of her limbs. It was limited in her right hind but she has feeling and some use of right hind leg. She was propped up on her feet and she was walking holding her right hind up. She had a second surgery to install a vacuum drain and remove some more dead skin to help the skin heal. De-gloving injuries are an injury where a great deal of skin is ripped from the body violently. The only way I can describe it is as if Jordon was skinned alive. She is on antibiotics and pain medication. She continues to heal and recover. Jordon's attending Veterinarians are very hopeful that she will make a full recovery. Hospitals and Veterinarians are great places but as in all things in life it comes down to money. I don't feel that Jordon should be given up on or euthanized because her owner is does not have the money to pay for her treatments and recovery. I can not put a value on a life. Jordon has done nothing wrong and should not be condemned to die because of my lack of finances. She has given me 6 years of unconditional love and support. She has always been there for me in my times of need. I would like to help her in anyway I can. To give her just a small portion of what she has given me and people around her. If you have ever met Jordon she is full of life, loves people and children. Jordon to me is just like any ones child to them. I can not put a price on her life because to me she is priceless. I am asking for help in saving a life that means everything to me. Every penny donated will go strictly to Jordon's bills only. UPDATE AS of 4/30/2012 the total bill is $4800.00 and contiues to rise everyday she is in the hospital even after the bill from Cornell when she is discharged will not be the only expense. She will need follow up Care, physical therapy, perscrption medication. Which can all be very expensive. ALL Donations are used for JORDON'S CARE AND ONLY JORDON'S Care. If anyone has questions or comments on this please feel free to contact me and will share all information from Cornell and her other Veterinarian bills and treatements. Any ideas of ways to help Jordon would be greatly appreciated! So please help save a life. Failure is not an option, Jordon has not quit on her will to live and we should not quit on her!! Thank you to everyone for there love and support of Jordon and myself.
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