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Family & friends of Tammi Rothstein are uniting to help with her liver transplant/living expenses.

WOW! #LiversAreExpensive

So much has happened in the past 8 months since Tammi’s transplant. Ira celebrated his 60th birthday. The twins are seniors in high school. Taryn is at UNC preparing to take the LSATs. And Shelby will graduate college in May (she is going to be a therapist like Aunt Terri with a focus on disenfranchised youth, hopefully in NYC). And Tammi is continuing to heal.

We ask that you please continue to share Tammi's story, even though the financial reality is rough, together, we will find a way.

  • Donate $25 and receive the downloadable version of Terri's Meditation Transformation CD
  • Donate $50 and receive the CD along with a daily energizing routine from The Lara Touch
  • Donate $100 and receive the above gifts PLUS Jessica Ortner’s Tapping for Stress Relief CD
  • Donate $250 and receive the above gifts PLUS a custom meditation from Terri and Alex Jamieson’s Week in a Weekend meal planning, shopping, and cooking program.         

Unfortunately, Tammi has had to return to working almost full time in an effort to keep up with the ever-mounting bills. It is really too soon, as the long hours on her feet exacerbate her pain. The money we have raised has been incredible, but the expenses continue to mount.

Between the anti-rejection medications she will need to take for the rest of her life and the uncovered costs of surgery and follow up care, the family has accrued an additional $5,000+/month in bills on top of their other living expenses. So, the fundraising must continue.

*Use the hashtag #LiversAreExpensive on twitter and share the TLC link with your family and friends and in your social media world.

We will keep you updated and could not do any of this with out your support.

So thank you for being here with us on this journey of hope and love. You may never know how deeply your kind words and generous hearts have affected our entire family and network of friends.

Thank You!

Team TLC

Tammis Story...

Tammi is a wife, mother of four (Shelby, Taryn, Jake, and Ethan), daughter, sister (she is my eldest sister), and friend. Tammi was diagnosed with liver cancer last August. She had the one cancerous lesion removed, and everything was looking positive, but unfortunately, three months ago, more cancer was discovered. A liver transplant was her only chance for survival. There were no other options. Monday night, February 18th, she got the call.

Unfortunately, Tammi's insurance coverage has many exclusions, and the bills have already put her and her family in a dire financial situation. We know that a portion of the transplant as well as a portion of her monthly anti-rejection medications which she will be on for life will not be covered. The financial stress is taking a toll on Tammi's health during a time when she needs to be focusing on building her strength.

The money donated will be used to pay for uncovered medical expenses and to help with daily living expenses. Please send healing energy and positive thoughts to Tammi at this time. She and her family need all of your support and prayers to help them stay strong and positively focused. They also need your financial help, whatever is possible.

Please pay your kindness forward and share the link to the TLC website ( on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media outlets out there. If you blog, please think about mentioning TLC and sharing the link. Every positive action gives power and possibility to Tammis journey back to wellness.

If you have any questions, fundraising suggestions, or just need to contact a representative for the family, please call or email Terri at If you want to send a donation by mail, please email Terri. All your generous contributions, thoughts, and prayers are deeply appreciated!! Thank you ~ truly ~ from the bottom of our hearts

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