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Lyndsey sustained a traumatic brain injury in December of 2008. Since that time she has been fighting to get her life back.

"I was saved for a reason, I don't know why yet, but I am sure it is to help someone like me in the future", Lyndsey Joyce.


On December 28, 2008 with the excitement and hope of the upcoming year of graduating high school, going to college and becoming a life long dream of being a nurse ended with a loud crash and then complete silence for Lyndsey.  From the accident Lyndsey was rushed by helicopter unconscious, but still breathing. I replay this scene in my mind almost daily still to this day.  "She is breathing" is all the firefighters could say to me. 


At the hospital the doctors did not know what would happen in the next 72 hours.  Waiting for some kind of movement or sign she was awake that did not come.  She remained in a coma for the next 6 weeks when on her Birthday she opened one eye!!!  We had some hope.


Over the next few months Lyndsey struggled to come back to us and did.  Over the last 3 years she has worked endlessly to prove everyone wrong and walk, talk and try to get some of her life back.  She has done this valiantly and like a true angel.   Where most people would give up Lyndsey pushes on.  She, however, cannot do this alone. 


Over the last three years we have been in and out of outpatient rehab at the insurance company’s discretion. Our insurance industry seems to think that just being able to minimally function is okay.   They will not pay to further her life when there are endless possibilities of improvement for Lyndsey.


Some of you may be familiar with two brain injury victims Gabby Gifford and Bob Woodruff, both sustained brain injuries and both are make amazing recoveries.  The reason they are is because they have professionals work with them every day during their critical recovery time.  A brain injury is not a broken leg; it needs to be retrained on the day to day things until the brain rewires itself for the simplest of things.  This takes work with professionals daily.


I recently received this response from a rehab:

Unless you are a family of a major influencer in the country who has a brain injury stands up to share the devastation of brain injury and the need for a catastrophic fund to cover rehabilitation and long-term support systems and brain-injury-specific residential programs, the way of the world as we know it in brain injury - for those with limited or no funds - will continue. The problem with that or other major influencers standing up and advocating is that they HAVE the money to obtain everything they need and that takes a tremendous burden off them and their families.


After searching and searching for resources and programs for Lyndsey to no avail, I have turned to fundraising to help Lyndsey attend a full time inpatient rehab, she will need at least three months of this to give her a chance at returning to school, etc.  She wants to be a contributing part of society.  “I don’t want the government to pay me sit around and do nothing.


I would like to return to being a mother and not a therapist and see my beautiful daughter accomplish her dreams.

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