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God help us, Baby Summer Smith was diagnosed with cancer October 2015 and as well as undergoing chemotherapy, she took part in a clinical trial last month in the battle to save her life from cancer. So we felt compelled to do something positive for her a successful cancer treatment we are asking everyone to donate and help us raise money to help her and her family pay for her treatment so she may recover strong and live her happy life.

We feel it's extremely important that people continue to try and raise money for cancer research because it is only through continued research that advances in treatment and hopefully at some stage , eradication of cancer will happen ."
Baby Summer Smith 8 months old will have cancer treatment for the next 6 months ...
We thank God she is feeling ok as of now her father Chase Smith (now cancer free)
& I highly recommend Everyone to please help raise money to go towards helping pay some of the cost it will take to get her treatment that will help her recover like a Champion alike who are facing this modern day illness..."-- (ALL DONATIONS WILL GO TOWARDS BABY SUMMER SMITH COST OF TREATMENT)
Please help Baby Summer Smith reach her recovery very soon.
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